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Ways to help your child

How can I help my child?

  1. Ensure homework is completed and an appropriate amount of time is set aside for its completion.
  2. Ensure they have the correct classroom equipment.
  3. Utilise opportunities that may arise to discuss current affairs relating to the ICT and Computing industry.
  4. Encourage them to watch the news and read articles relating to Computing and technological developments.
  5. Encourage frank and open conversations relating to on-line safety and the validity and accuracy of on-line sources of information.
  6. Encourage them to speak to their Computing teacher if a homework task cannot be completed, this conversation should ideally take place before the submission date of a homework task.
  7. Limit their access to technology especially when in situations where it cannot be monitored and/or when it could adversely affect their bedtime routine.
  8. If in KS4 or KS5, please purchase the recommended revision guides as advised by their teacher and ensure they attend all revision or intervention sessions they are invited to.