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Pastoral Care

Guidance, encouragement and support

Pastoral Care and Support

At Altrincham College we believe that students will only fulfil their academic potential if they feel secure, happy and cared for within the school environment.

The welfare of the children in our school is therefore the accepted responsibility of all members of staff.

"Pupils receive high-quality support, particularly those who are vulnerable or experiencing difficult circumstances"(Ofsted 2017)

As a relatively small secondary high school (850 in the 11-16 school), staff are able to take a genuine personal interest in your son/daughter/ward and offer personalised guidance, encouragement and support.

The Senior Leadership Team oversees the Pastoral Care System in school, working closely with Heads of Learning, Pastoral Managers and Form Teachers in each year group. By following national guidelines and procedures, we are able to take our responsibilities in terms of Safeguarding and Child Protection extremely seriously and work alonside our Designated Safeguarding Lead, Miss Diffley, on Safeguarding and Child Protection Matters.

Children are placed within a form group, with their Form Teacher having initial responsibility for the social welfare of that group. This includes the monitoring of attendance, punctuality, behaviour and academic progress.

The Head of Learning and Pastoral Manager have overall responsibility for the pastoral care of a year group, who along with a senior member of staff closely monitors academic progress. Where issues arise we will always intervene quickly and work with parents/carers to address any concerns.

Good attendance and punctuality are natural pre-cursors to success in school, and are both monitored very carefully. Again, where occasionally issues may arise, we intervene quickly and liaise with parents.

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