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Welcome to Altrincham College

Welcome to Altrincham College

As Headteacher of Altrincham College I count myself very fortunate to be leading a happy school where all members of our community are valued for the contributions they make, enabling them to flourish in complex and demanding times. Together we provide an environment where learning is actively sought and highly prized by students and staff, energising them to improve further and releasing the positive energy that naturally exists within all people. I believe that outstanding teaching leads to outstanding learning which has a direct impact on behaviour, attendance and staff and student well-being. As we move forward, we will maintain a sharp focus on the quality of teaching in the classroom, in assemblies and in extra-curricular activities in order to ensure all-round rapid academic progress for years to come through creativity and innovation.

We know that when children and young people feel safe, cared for and have a positive outlook on life, they are able to learn. Not only do they learn but they learn well and work diligently. I believe this environment has been established at our school however we cannot rest on our laurels; the best must be maintained and the rest built upon further as students’ differing needs must be catered for to the best of our ability. As Headteacher I will work hard to ensure that Altrincham College provides and accesses as much support as possible for our students and their families so that we continue to remove barriers to learning.

Students who attend our school are immersed in an exciting, well-rounded education; they are able to access a curriculum where they have fun and which sets them up for achieving excellent outcomes for themselves, establishing them as lifelong learners and future leaders in whatever field they choose to go into; they are free to question, nurturing their curious minds and they take educational risks in order to make sense of the world. Altrincham College provides children and young people with a disciplined, supportive environment within which they can be themselves and achieve anything they put their minds to.

 Ms K Earle