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Year 8

Year 8

As students move into and through Year 8, they continue to develop on their core skills, and this is contributed to through the design of the Year 8 pastoral programme. Students complete a variety of activities guided by their form tutor that include literacy skills with activities based on a certain word for the day and reading skills where students are able to read a book of their choice. Students also take part in weekly sessions around current affairs in the form of discussions or a quiz allowing students to develop their team working skills. Students have a weekly assembly which gives them time to focus on the weekly topic spoken about and encourages pupils to reflect on the positive events that they have experienced each week.

Each day during form time, students have equipment checks. Students are encouraged to be organised to avoid issues but can seek support from their form tutor. It is also important that students arrive to school on time as lateness can affect the progress and achievement of students and this is closely monitored by the Year 8 pastoral team. Such skills such as organisation and punctuality, allows students to achieve and focus on the three Rs in school known as Respect, Responsibility and Ready to Learn.

Form tutors take the oppotunity to discuss with students thier progress based on data from class teachers and school reports. 


To contact Head of Year 8 (Mrs Wagstaff) or any other member of the Year 8 team, click HERE


Please DO NOT contact your child’s form tutor to report any student absences. Please leave a message on the absence line by calling 0161 980 7173 (ext.1)