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Student Wellbeing

Wellbeing in the Sixth Form

Student Support and Wellbeing

Altrincham College Sixth Form prides itself in the support and care provision for our students.  Overseeing the wellbeing of our students is at the core of our ethos. We forge nurturing and trusting relationships with our students, and staff are eager to listen, empathise, advise, coach and mentor our young people. Our hands-on approach to monitoring students’ emotional development and wellbeing, and because we get to know our students so well, means we are able to put supportive interventions in place when needed.

How we support our students:

  • During form time, students are greeted, supervised and supported by their Form Tutor. Tutors are not only central to maintaining an overview of each student’s social and emotional development, but they are also heavily involved in monitoring the academic progress made by students and provide parents with a first point of contact.
  • The form time agenda focuses on providing students with the core transferable skills that they may need when progressing to a career or higher education. Additionally, a key priority is to develop essential life skills. This can range from PSHE topics such as safe driving to understanding the law at 18, to self-management techniques, such as revision methods and mindfulness.
  • Mr Mahmood, Head of Sixth Form, has an ‘open door policy’ where students are encouraged to confide and seek advice and support whenever needed.
  • In terms of specialist support, there are a number of School Counsellors and a School nurse to whom students can be referred if deemed an appropriate action.