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Bus Information

Getting to and from School

Bus Information and Timetables:
updated for September 2022

Please be aware that for some operators (inc. Stagecoach)
an IGO pass is *required*. 
Operators may refuse travel to students not in possession of an IGO.

Contactless payment (including via IGO) is encouraged on all services.

For up to date information on using school services, please visit Transport for Greater Manchester (TFGM):

There is also a dedicated page for Altrincham College:

For students living further than 2 miles from school who rely on public transport for getting to and from school, there are 7 school buses which are dedicated to serving Altrincham College [Google map links are detailed for all routes]:

Please see the documents below for more details of bus stops and times on the above routes and for an image showing all bus routes.

Public bus services which run close by include:

283/284 (Diamond Bus Service via Altrincham - Hale - Hale Barns)
285/286 (Diamond Bus Service via Altrincham - Timperley Grange - Timperley)

Late Buses
In addition to the above services there are late bus services from school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, leaving school approximately 4.30pm.

Please note that these services OPERATE SEPARATELY from the regular school buses but only follow the 772 and 773 bus routes [see routes below].

Bus Pass information
All students who regularly use school services should purchase IGO card; this proves the student is under 16 and allows discounted travel on both buses and trams. The IGO can also be loaded with funds and used to pay for travel.

Please be aware that some operators (e.g. Stagecoach) no longer produce paper tickets and an IGO is *required* to pay for travel).

Operators may refuse travel to students not in possession of an IGO.

The current cost of an IGO £10, which lasts until the August following the student's 16th birthday). For more information visit:

Please note that TGFM advises the 'lead time' for an IGO pass is 2-4 weeks.

Sixth Form students (aged 16-18) should buy an 'Our Pass' and students over 18 need a Scholar's Pass to qualify for a concessionary fare on all transport (including school services).

More information on school travel passes can be found here.

A monthly 'System One' travel card is available for students (Junior/Young Person) which is valid for any bus (including school services). For more information, visit

Transport for Greater Manchester’s (TfGM) now has Route Explorer, which asks people where they want to go and then shows them all the direct bus services that they can catch, when they leave, where the nearest bus stops are and how they can link up with trams and trains.

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