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Religious Education

Miss M Acharya - Head of Department

Welcome to the RE Department

Religious Education at Altrincham College aims to focus on developing pupils who are religiously literate.  We acknowledge the role that philosophy and ethics has to play in supporting our subject but Religious Education is at the heart of what we do.

Throughout their study of RE, students develop their knowledge and understanding about and from the principal religions and world views represented in Great Britain. This enables students to develop respect for other people, their beliefs and lifestyles and offers them the opportunity to explore their own beliefs, values and ideals in light of their learning. We recognise that students need core subject knowledge so that they can evaluate religious beliefs.

We take a non-judgemental attitude towards the beliefs of our students unless we suspect that a child is in danger of being radicalised or indulging in unsafe practices.

The RE curriculum at Altrincham College provokes challenging questions about the meaning and purpose of life, belief in God, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human. Exploration of these ‘Ultimate Questions’ enables students to develop a plethora of skills ranging from communication and reflective skills through to analysis and evaluation, all of which are invaluable on a personal level and highly desirable to employers.

At Altrincham College RE utilises the ‘Trafford Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education’ as a basis for the RE Curriculum.

The foundations laid in KS3 will help students to progress and succeed at KS4.


Meet the RE Department

The department  consists of one member of staff. They are:

Name Title
Miss M Acharya Head of Department