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Mr B Madden - Head of Department

Welcome to the Music Department

The Music Department at Altrincham College offers a broad and coherent course of study which encourages learners to:

  • Engage actively in the process of music study.
  • Develop performing skills individually and in groups to communicate musically with fluency and control of the resources used.
  • Develop composing skills to organise musical ideas and make use of appropriate resources.
  • Recognise links between the integrated activities of performing, composing and appraising, and how this informs the development of music.
  • Broaden musical experience and interests, develop imagination and foster creativity.
  • Develop knowledge, understanding and skills needed to communicate effectively as musicians.
  • Develop awareness of a variety of instruments, styles and approaches to performing and composing.
  • Develop awareness of music technologies and their use in the creation and presentation of music.
  • Recognise contrasting genres, styles and traditions of music, and develop some awareness of musical chronology.
  • Develop as effective and independent learners with enquiring minds.
  • Reflect upon and evaluate their own and others’ music.
  • Engage with and appreciate the diverse heritage of music.


We firmly believe that music plays an important part in the education of the whole person, and so the opportunities for group interaction, individual thinking, creativity, appreciation and development of personal skills are promoted regularly in lessons throughout all Key Stages.


Meet the Music Department

The department team consists of two permanent members of staff and five visiting instrumental teachers. These are:

Name Title
Mr B Madden Head of Department 
Mr J Wilson Teacher of Music and Music Technology & Guitar Tutor
Mrs J Dillon Piano Tutor
Mr A Mann Percussion Tutor
Mr A Jackman Vocal Tutor
Ms A Lansdown String Tutor
Ms H Pillinger Wind Tutor

The National Curriculum requires students to listen to music analytically as well as appreciatively; to learn and perform music; to understand the language of music; and to use their own knowledge of music to be creative.

These over-riding aims are addressed in each unit of work, as shown in our long-term curriculum plan.

Music is also a specialism, and so students have the opportunity to specialise in a chosen instrument through the individual lessons scheme, and they can also share with other students who are committed to increasing their musical skills by taking part in our extra-curricular musical ensembles.

For further information about instrumental/vocal tuition at Altrincham College, please email Mr Madden:

GCSE Music and NCFE Music Technology courses are both available at KS4, and are very popular and successful, and A Level Music is offered in the Sixth Form.