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Revision Resources

End of Year Exam Revision Resources

Geography Revision Resources

Which resources can I use to help me?

Key Stage 3:

Year 7:

Year 8:

Year 9:

Key Stage 4:


Key Stage 5:

Coasts Revision materials:

Urban Change Revision materials:

Managing urban change revision notes

Tectonics Revision materials:

s-cool geography – Natural Hazards

Global Systems:

Water Cycle revision

Geography AS Notes – Water 

Global Governance:

s-cool geography – Population and migration

Geography AS notes

Revision materials
Case study revision cards


Ecosystem Revision materials:

s-cool geography - Ecosystems

A-Level Geography – Ecosystems

Learn on the Internet - Ecosystems


Investigating and Research Skills at AS/A Level GCE – WJEC Digital resources

Fieldwork techniques - RGS

Fieldwork ideas - FSC