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Guidelines and information for a safe return to school

Covid-19 Information

  • The school's Covid-19 health and safety risk assessment can be found here and as an attachment at the bottom of this page.
  • Important updates will be communicating via our news bulletins.  Please click here to visit our latest news pages.
  • Please use the menu on the left hand side to access information for parents and carers, covid testing and remote learning.

What to do if my child is ill?

If any students or members of their household test positive or develop Covid-19 symptoms, please inform school immediately by telephoning 0161 980 7173 or email us at:  They should not attend school until they can be tested.  If the test is negative they can return to school. 

For information on what to do if your child has symptoms of coronavirus, please refer to the 'Parent Guide - Covid 19' attachment at the bottom of this page.

Face Masks

When students return to school, it is now compulsory for all students to wear a face mask in lessons and outside of lessons. They may only be removed when eating or drinking. We expect this precaution to be in place at least until Easter. Students who are exempt from wearing a face mask must wear their sunflower badge given to them by the school. If your child/ward does not have one, they should carry a signed note from their parent/carer which states that they are exempt until school can issue them with a badge.

We know that masks can break or get lost so please ensure your child/ward carries a spare with them at all times in a small plastic bag. Masks are as essential now as a pen or pencil.

Students do NOT need to wear a mask during their PE lessons.