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Frequently Asked Questions During School Closure

Will school be delivering online lessons in future?

This is something being regularly reviewed by Senior Leadership. However, at the moment the school’s IT network would not support online lessons. In addition, we would need to train staff to deliver lessons in this way, and assess their availability in terms of childcare, good health etc.

We are aware other schools are providing online learning, so we are continuously reviewing what is workable for Altrincham College and will keep parents/carers involved of any changes and developments.

Has work been set for my child(ren) to do while school is closed?

YES: lots of work has been set for students in all year groups on Class Charts app.

Teachers have set lots of work for everyone, as we do not know for how long school will be closed.  Please advise your child(ren) that they should complete work to the best of their ability and return it to their teacher(s) for marking (see the FAQ, 'How do I return work to my teachers?').

However, teachers are not expecting every single piece of work to be completed and students should not worry or stress about this. If work has been given a deadline for completion and this cannot be met, please advise your child to contact their teacher who will reassure them and give them advice on what is most important.

We understand that:

  • you, or your child(ren), may be ill – or helping others who are poorly/vulnerable - and are not able to do school work every day
  • parents/carers are working from home and have other responsibilities which must be met before school work can start
  • that not every family has a laptop/PC and, if they do, this is probably shared between several members of the household
  • not all parents/carers feel confident or qualified to help with learning at secondary school level, and it is hard for a child to teach themselves.

If you feel unable to support your child(ren) with their home-learning, you can contact teachers via their school email (see ‘How do we contact teachers if we have questions about the work that’s been set?’ below) for help and advice.

If the work set by school is proving too challenging, there are other resources you can access here to keep students’ minds active during this difficult time.

The Dept of Education has also created this page to help with home learning.

And remember! Doing something creative, getting outside in the fresh air, or doing something to help others is just as valuable as completing school work.

Why have I had no communication from school?

School is mainly communicating with parents, carers and students via Class Charts and EduLink One.  Both of these are free apps which can be downloaded to your smartphone or accessed via a home computer or laptop/tablet.

Instructions on how to access these apps are here

Important messages, daily bulletins and other useful information is also put on our website; new information is published nearly every day, so please check regularly, especially our dedicated information page on Covid19 contingency planning

How do I / my child(ren) access Class Charts for messages and home-learning?

All parents/carers and students have a Class Charts account, even if they joined school mid-year (not in September), so everyone should be able to access work set.

To access Class Charts you can either:

· Download the ClassCharts Parental app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, select the Sign Up tab at the top of the screen, and fill in the information requested, including your Access code, OR

· Gain access via an Internet Browser on your PC, where you would click on the Parent Log in tab, and then on the ‘I don’t have an account yet’ radio button, to be prompted for the same information.

This will give you access to information relating to your child’s homework/home-learning, rewards and any behaviour points/detention alerts, lesson timetables and announcements (messages from teachers/school for parents, carers and students).

Usernames and access codes for Class Charts were distributed to all students and their parents/carers at the start of the year.  If you/your child(ren) don’t know their access code(s), then please contact and one of our admin staff will be able to help you.

How do I access EduLink One for messages and letters?

With a few exceptions (approximately 20 children who started school mid-year) all parents/carers and students have access to EduLink One

EduLink One can be downloaded for free onto your smartphone as an app, or can be accessed on the web at Login details are:

School ID: aca

Username: p.surnamefirstinitial (e.g. Mr John Smith would have username p.smithj)

Password: your password is unique to you.

If you do not know your password then please contact: and we will set a password for you.

How do my child(ren) return their homework to teachers?

Unfortunately, work cannot be returned to teachers via Class Charts. Instead, students should contact their class teacher via email.  The list of all teachers’ email addresses can be found at the bottom of this page

If you don’t have the facilities at home to scan and send work via email, then completed homework can be posted to school, or dropped off, and the work will be forwarded on to teachers for you.

How do we contact teachers if we have questions about the work that has been set?

All teachers’ work email addresses can be found in the document at the bottom of this page

Please be aware that students should only contact their teachers from their school email account, and only ask them about school work

My child(ren) normally have support with their learning in school – how can they get help and support at home?

You can email the SEND team at and a member of the team will respond with support to complete the work.

What is happening about Free School Meals?

From w/c 13th April, Free School Meal vouchers will be emailed home in the majority of cases.  This service is being provided by Edenred, the Department of Education's preferred supplier.

If your child(ren) receive free school meals, you should have had a phone call or a letter from school asking you to confirm that your email address is current and correct.  If you have not already done so, please contact school at or on 0161 980 7173 to confirm your email address.

For those parents/carers who do not have an email address, an alternative method of delivery will be used.

Government guidance on FSM entitlement during schools’ closure can be found here

For information on food banks run by the Trussell Trust:

Trafford (South):

Manchester Wythenshawe/Baguley:

My child was due to sit GCSE/A-Level exams this Summer – what’s going to happen?

There is information from the Department for Education and the exam boards on the 'Examinations' page of the school website and more information can be found here:

It is important that students looking to go to Sixth Form, college or university continue to work diligently with the learning set out by Altrincham College and its teachers. By continuing positive learning routines and being pro-active they will be taking as much control as possible of their own futures. This will make the transition to the next step in their educational journey as smooth as possible.

Year 11 students who are progressing to AC Sixth Form will be provided with some transition work to help them prepare for their studies in Year 12. Pre-reading is available at the bottom of the Covid-19 page (KS5 pre-reading).

A-Level results will be released on Thursday 13 August 2020.

GCSE results will be released on Thursday 20 August 2020.

My child is struggling with worry/anxiety/loneliness and I don't know how to help them.

Advice has been sent to us from Trafford, about a variety of resources available for families during this time. Please click here to view the 'Trafford Community Response' document at the bottom of the page.

In addition, our Covid 19 page details other resources and support available.

Is there any support available for families struggling?

Although most ‘face to face’ services have stopped operating, Trafford have circulated this information on how support can be accessed remotely (Trafford Community Response_update).