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PiXL Edge North West Special Award Winners

PiXL Edge North West Special Prize Winners

Congratulations to Luke Collins and Charlene Hand on becoming the PiXL Edge North West special prize winners!

Luke and Charlene were invited by Mr Brooks to attend the start of our Senior Leadership Academy Improvement meeting as VIP guests and were asked their opinions on ways we could improve our school.



Luke has achieved the award of PiXL Edge 'Apprentice of the Year'! He has been incredibly self motivated throughout his approach to PiXL Edge and was the first pupil to achieve apprentice status in just two terms here at Altrincham College.  Luke loves IT and has a specific passion for film and media. He created a welcome to high school video for year 6 students transitioning to high school and has created adverts for the school play. Through his video blogging, Luke has proven himself to be a key ambassador for ACA. He shows enthusiasm and passion for all aspects of PiXL Edge.

Charlene has achieved the PiXL Edge 'Initiative Award' and has worked tirelessly to improve her knowledge and understanding of how to make positive impacts on the school environment. She hosted a campaign to keep school tidy and improve recycling. This included the design of posters that were placed around school, assemblies to all year groups and campaigns to parents via the School Newsletter. This has had a significant impact and she has really raised awareness of this issue in school. Recycling has improved and students certainly think hard about where their rubbish goes now.