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Ways to help your child

Creative Media Studies

How can I help my child at Key Stage 4?

  • Students will be set a fortnightly homework task that encourages them to recap and recall current lesson content, so it is paramount that they complete these tasks in order to indicate their level of independent knowledge and understanding

  • Half-termly exam practise will take place in lessons, so regular recap of lesson content is strongly advised. Students will record all of their learning in online work booklets and these can be accessed by them at any time via Teams.

  • Students may be set bespoke homework tasks via ClassCharts depending on their individual areas of development that will be identified through their exam practise outcomes.

How can I help my child at Key Stage 5?

  • Students need to spend at least 1 hour of independent study for every timetabled lesson, in order to keep up with the demand of the course and to strive to meet the challenging Distinction criteria. This equates to 10 hours of independent study per subject, per fortnight.

  • Students need to be familiar with the Unit Outlines for each of their studied units. Outlines will cover the following:
    1. Overview of the unit content
    2. The unit Assessment Objectives
    3. The assignment tasks
    4. The assignment hand-out and hand-in dates (deadline information)
    5. Assignment guidance and resources.

Unit outlines and resources can be accessed via the course Teams section.

  • The overall grade outcome is based on 60% externally-assessed content, and 40% internally assessed content (coursework). Academic success across both of these elements requires the following:
    1. Student awareness of the assessment criteria for each studied unit.
    2. Students to consistently aim high
    3. Students to regularly review their individual unit tracking record to ensure that they are aware of the progress they have made as well as their targets for further achievement. 
    4. All deadlines to be met
    5. Students to proactively respond to teacher feedback
    6. Student awareness that there is never ‘nothing to do’. As this is mainly an evidence-based unit, there is always work to be focusing on until the course is completed at the end of Yr13. If a student meets a deadline prematurely, they are encouraged to move onto the next task.

  • Students are encouraged to seek industry experience where possible.