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Ways to help your child

How can I help my child at Key Stage 4?

  1. Ensure attendance and submission of all homework is of a high standard,
  2. Attend all revision classes when advised,
  3. Keep up to date with current affairs in business by listening to the news each day,
  4. Purchase the recommended revision guide as advised by the teacher,
  5. Talk about current business news with your child at home and ask them how it might affect the general public/customers.

How can I help my child at Key Stage 5?

  1. Download the BBC Business news app on their phone to keep up to date with all current business news each day,
  2. Read a broad sheet newspaper at least twice a week to gain different perspectives on business,
  3. Attend all revision lessons and workshops when provided,
  4. Completing of all past paper questions to develop analysis and evaluative writing skills,
  5. Read biographies of entrepreneurs such as Alan Sugar, Theo Paphitis and Hilary Devey, to name a few.