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Creative Media Revision Support

Key Stage 4:

The exam for the BTEC Creative Media Production course takes place in Yr10 around February time. The exam is in the form of a design brief, to which the students respond during lesson time, in supervised conditions.

There are 3 areas of assessable content; there areas are:

  1. Ideas Log – a written documents outlining the student’s ideas in response to the design brief.
  2. Draft designs – hand-drawn, annotated drafts of ideas in response to the design brief.
  3. Final design – an electronically produced publishing document (dependent on the requirements of the design brief).


Due to the format of the exam the assemble content cannot achieved or enhanced through revision. However, there are tasks that can be completed in a student’s own time that can potentially enhance the work produced during the assessment period:


  • Collection and collation of primary imagery (hand-drawn or photographs), appropriate to the design brief
  • Research tasks, appropriate to the design brief:
    • Target audience
    • Audience feedback
    • Competitors
    • Inspiration
  • Practise of draft designs, appropriate to the design brief.

It is fundamental that students attend every lesson during the assessment period (February – May), as the time allocated to complete the 3 assessable areas is paramount for students to achieve their full potential.


Key Stage 5:

Only one of the 4 externally assessed units of this course would benefit from regular revision by students: Unit 1 Media Representations.

The exam for this unit takes place in January of either Year 1 or Year 2 of the course. Students who do not pass this unit can have an opportunity to retake it in June.

This unit is in the format of an online 2 hour exam paper, made up of a number of questions that encourage a range of short and extended responses. This paper assesses a student’s knowledge and understanding of the following areas:

  • SECTION A Media Messages
    • A1 Media representations in context
    • A2 Introduction to theories of media representation


  • SECTION B Understanding Media Messages
    • B1 Constructing messages
    • B2 Audience decoding
    • B3 Semiotics: media language
    • B4 Expectations and subversion of genre
  • SECTION C Stylistic Codes
    • C1 Camerawork and photography
    • C2 Lighting
    • C3 Editing
    • C4 Sound
    • C5 Design

Students will learn the content during lesson time in the Autumn Term and will make notes from these lessons. Students will complete practise exam questions throughout this period to embed their knowledge, as well as develop their exam technique. They will also be provided with a photocopied revision guide.

It is from this guide, their notes and practise responses that they expected to revise.

The revision guide provided is taken from the following book that is a beneficial purchase, as it also provides advice for the other 3 externally assessed units of the course: Revise BTEC National Creative Digital Media Production Revision Guide (ISBN-10: 1292150246, Published by Pearson).