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Bus Information and Timetables


Changes from September 2018

770 Bus

Message from TFGM: service will no longer serve Northern Moor; will now serve Sale Cross Street and Ashton, and be re-routed at Brooklands to partially replace 772. The bus will join the old route at Brooklands Metrolink.

771 Bus

Message from TFGM: service will no longer serve Sale or Timperley (so will not stop at the Stonemasons Arms); route will be reversed between Ashton and Woodheys and will be re-routed via Brooklands to partially replace 772

772 Bus

Message from TFGM: service will be re-routed in Sale and Sale Moore, and will be routed via Northern Moor (Gardeners' Arms) to partially replace 770.

There are now four buses for the 772 - the two earlier morning services will start at Sale Metrolink (Broad Road), and the two later morning services will start at the Legh Arms (Sale Moor).

773 Bus

Will leave earlier in the morning: 08:02 (not 08:13) from Oldfield Road/Bonville Road.

The afternoon journey will be operated by GoGoodwins rather than M-Travel.

774 Bus

Improved pick ups in Wythenshawe and Baguley - please see the timetable linked below for more details.

775 Bus

Will leave earlier in the morning: 08:10 (not 08:17) from Bowdon Vale, Bow Lane.

The afternoon journey will be operated by M-Travel rather than Selwyn's.

776 Bus

Will leave earlier in the morning: 07:59 (not 08:04) from Broadheath Post Office.

The afternoon journey will be operated by Selwyn's rather than GoGoodwins.

In addition, there is a slight increase to all fares - see the notice below from TFGM.

For students who rely on public transport for getting to and from school, there are 7 school buses which are dedicated to serving Altrincham College.

The bus routes currently offered are:

  • 770 - from Dane Road (Sale)
  • 771 - from Woodheys (Woodhouse Lane)  
  • 772 - from Sale Metrolink, Broad Road (early services) and/or The Legh Arms, Sale Moor (later services)
  • 773 - from Oldfield Road/Bonville Road
  • 774 - from Wythenshawe Asda
  • 775 - from Bowdon Vale, Bow Lane
  • 776 - from Broadheath Post Office

*Please see the link below for exact detail of bus stops and times on the above routes.

Public bus services which run close by include:

283/284 (Diamond Bus Service via Altrincham - Hale - Hale Barns)
285/286 (Diamond Bus Service via Altrincham - Timperley Grange - Timperley)

In addition to the above services there is a late bus service from school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, leaving school at 4.45pm.  One route goes to Oldfield Brow and the other one to Sale and Sale Moor.  The charge to use the late bus service is £1 per student, unless they are in receipt of an authorised bus pass provided by the school.

Bus Pass information

An IGO card is recommended to all students, as this proves the student is under 16 and allows discounted travel on both buses and trams. The current cost £10, which lasts until the August following the student's 16th birthday) 

There is also a Greater Manchester Pass available to all under 16 students. This pass is called a Junior Bus Saver available from "System One". Please note that this pass is no long issued as a paper pass but needs to be loaded onto students' IGO cards.

The System One pass can be obtained at TfGM Travelshops or online at The current cost of a 28 day pass is £34.

The System One pass enables students to use any bus (including the Yellow School Bus), anywhere in Greater Manchester anytime until 11.59 pm, any day of the week including Bank Holidays and Boxing Day. It cannot be used on Night Buses after midnight. It is available from Paypoint shops or TfGM Travelshops.

Transport for Greater Manchester’s (TfGM) now has Route Explorer, which asks people where they want to go and then shows them all the direct bus services that they can catch, when they leave, where the nearest bus stops are and how they can link up with trams and trains.

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