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Praise Bulletin: 18 January 2020

Recognising students' achievements during w/c 11 January 2021

Dear Students (and their parents/carers),

Praise Bulletin

I hope that this bulletin finds you and your families safe and well. We are all in a really challenging situation at the moment, but your efforts and resilience with your online work is making us so proud of you. You’ve had to adapt really quickly to this new way of learning, and your continued enthusiasm during your lessons is definitely bringing a smile to our faces. You’ll see from the information in this bulletin that lots of your teachers have been really impressed by your efforts.


Ms Parnaby would like to nominate the following fantastic learners from her classes:

Year 10 - Evelyn, George, Arnav and Cassidy

Year 11 - Molly, Matthew, Matthew, Ellie, Kirsty, Genna, Jess, Tallulah, Alex, Chelsey and Chloe

Mrs Beatty is really proud of the following students for their amazing contributions:

11c3 – Will, Sam, Emily, James, Tom, Rezon, Niamh, Jodie, Emily, Zein and Renaé

11a3 – Oscar, Lucas, Dexter, Stephanie and Rabia



Mrs Witchalls is very impressed with how well Paige in Year 10 has answered questions and engaged with the online lessons.

Mrs Hudson-Kirkham says that all of 10Ma1 are engaging brilliantly with remote learning and completing plenty of work independently. If someone doesn't fully understand the topic, they stay online and keep trying until they do – this is a fantastic attitude to learning! 7aM1 are also working extremely well and readily explain their mathematical reasoning to the rest of the class. Finally, well done to Georgia in Year 11 who is really engaging and working hard.

Well done from Miss Whitworth to Alex in Year 11 who has tried really hard in his maths lessons and is even brave enough to unmute and give some answers when asked. Well done too to Cassius, Maddison, Oscar and Rohan in Year 8 who are always willing to engage during Teams lessons, answering questions as well as completing all their work on Dr Frost Maths.

Mrs Jones would like to say well done and thank you to the following students, who have completed all of their online learning tasks:

Year 8 – Jacob, Ethan, Ruby, Matilda, Kai, Tilly, Ola, Saffia, Megan, Charlie, Ollie, Serina, Erin, Grace, Rutuja, Harry, Alizah, Katy and Sofia

Year 9 – Sam, Liam and Ronnie

Year 10 -  Ewan, Ella, Gabriel, Dylan, Aidan and George

Year 11 – Genna, Jack, Tallulah, Ella, Stephanie and Jess

Year 12 – Josh, Mateusz, Dawud, Elva, David, Toby, Harry and Gemma

Year 13 – Youssef, Logan, Tom, Sian, Tom and Matt



Miss Broster would like to nominate Toby in 10.4 and Charlie in 10.2 for excellent participation in Physics lessons, they're really happy to put forward their ideas in the chat and share their thought process with others.

Miss Broster would also like to nominate Libbie in 9.4 and Matty in 9.4 for engaging really well with tasks set in the science lessons and being happy to share their ideas.

Congratulations from Mr Whitham to the following students for being so involved with their online lessons this week: Gabia in Year 8, Terri, Lucas and Lucy in Year 11, Sam in Year 9, and Shay and Cameron in Year 10.


Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs Painter would like to nominate lots of pupils for working so well in MFL:

8.2 – Emily, Marhsall, Grace and Vedasai

8.5 – Eamon, Terry, Fatima and Jacob

9aF1 – Maisie, Isabel and Ali

9cF2 – Neo, Rebecca, Oliver, Amy and Emma

9cF4 – Heidi, Matty, Libbie and Arnas

Year 10 – Sydney, Oliver and Callum

Year 11 – Adam, Terri, Emelia and Rabia

Year 13 – Grace and Natalie



Well done to the following pupils in Mrs Hardy’s classes who have engaged really well with the online learning and produced some great work.

7.3 - Evie, Leah, Khali and Jamie.

Year 9 - Heidi, Libbie, Grace, Jess, Arnas and Maryam

Year 10 - Oli, Sophie and Abdullah

Year 11 - Abi, Oscar and Lucas

Year 12 - Alex



Well done from Mr Guy to 7.2, 8.1, 8.4, 8.6 and 9c1 for their excellent engagement with the online lessons.

Mr Guy would also like to praise the following individual pupils:

7.2 – Laila, Lewis, Hallam, Jasper, Victoria, Vivianne, Callum, Rosie, Harry, Ka, Robert and Chloe

8.1 - Sama, William, Gabia, Maddison, Freddie, Leo, Cassius, Dana, Oliver, Vishva, Chloe and Thomas

8.4 - Blake, Layla, Grace, Georgia, Helena, Maddison, Elle, Leo, Ellie, James, Harry, Ke Xin

9C1 – Alfie, Emma, Ben, Anaum, Isabella, Faith, Ben, Gabriella, Diana, Kaveena, Lena, Sienna, Daryna, Angel, Irisha, Bella and Mateusz 

9a2 – Erin-Beau, Kemi, Freddie, Diya and Grace

9a1 - Isabel, Lily, Ted, Ali, Finn, Annabel, Adam, Ria, Nic, Cleo and Mushahid 



Mr Carroll would like to say well done to the following pupils for their hard work this week:

7a/IT – Aiden, Alexa, Archie, Brandon, Amie, Emilie, Emma, Ioan, Jake, Joshua, Kai, Lola, Lola, Phoebe, Ted and Zach

7bc/IT1 – Kayden, Evie-Louise, Jamie, Charlotte, Daniel, Jack, Khali-George, Lauren, Lyndan, Darcy, Xenon, Max, Phoebe, Raion, Tabitha and Xenia

7d/IT – Aania, Abi, Billy, Callum, Carys, Connor, Harry, Liam, Natalia, Riley, Zoe and Will

8cd/It1 – Katy, Oliver, Charlie, Ruby, Ethan and Rutuja



Mrs Curran would like to praise Brandon in 7.5 for showing the class his fantastic work on texture and Nathan in 8.5 for his work on analysing artists. In year 10, Noah, Nisha and Ying Ying have all been working really hard.

Cassius, Caitlin, Ying Ying and Katrina have all produced some lovely work that Mrs Curran would like to share:





















Mrs Woods would like to praise Rylie in 7.1 for his amazing work and effort.



Megan in 8cd/HK1 has produced a fantastic worksheet on wheat for Mrs Danczak.


Creative Media

Mrs Brennan would like to congratulate the following pupils for their positive attitude to learning:

Year 10 – Ben, Olivia, Theo, Sienna, Cassidy, Sophie, Madeline and Andy

Year 11 – Jake, Jodie, Harry, Robert, Lillie, Charlie, Lucy, Maisie, Briony, Talia, Rabia, Luke, Emika and Cailin

And Mr Carroll would like to say well done to Michael in Year 10 for his work this week.


Child Development

Isabel in 113/Cd1 has worked incredibly hard this last week and shown a great deal of self-motivation and initiative following the announcement of the cancellation of the Child Development exam.



Mrs Mrozinski would like to nominate the following Drama superstars:

Year 7  -Tabitha 7.3 and Phoebe 7.1

8.2 – Marshall, Tanya, Grace and Thomas

8.6 – Charlie, Ethan, Kai, Serina and Sofia

9a1 – Ria and Ben

9a3 – Ronnie and Melisia

9c1 – Alfie and Lena

9c3 – Macey and Phoebe

Year 10 – Ben, Megan, Maisy, Oliver and Milly

Year 11 – Terri and Maddy



Miss Jenkinson would like to congratulate Isabel in Year 11 (GCSE PE) on her outstanding work, online engagement and commitment to her subject.

Mr Larkin would like to say well done to Cameron in Year 10 as he is engaging so well with GCSE PE in his online lessons.




Mrs Wagstaff and Mrs Waring would like to say a huge well done to the whole of Y7 who have begun their online learning journey extremely well! Things haven't been easy for any of us this past week; however, we have been blown away with your dedication and enthusiasm and we are so pleased at how well you are all engaging with your remote lessons.

We are very proud of every single one of you, keep up the fantastic work!


Mrs Wagstaff and Mrs Scholes would like to say huge congratulations to the whole of Y8 for how well they have managed themselves over the past week. This is your second spell of home learning; however, this is the first time you have had so many remote lessons and we are amazed at your commitment and dedication. It has been so nice to see so many of you logging on each morning and continuing to put ongoing effort into your work.

Keep it up Year 8!

Finally, well done to Erin in 9.1 for the lovely work that she has shared with her form on how to deal with worry during lockdown.


Please don’t be disappointed if you didn’t see your name in the praise bulletin this week. Carry on working hard and your teachers will nominate you. Also, if there are more than one of you in your class with the same name, and you’re not sure if the teacher is referring to you, just send an email to ask.

Alongside your academic work, we’d really like to know what else you’ve been doing and how you’re staying positive, so please stay in touch with your form tutors and teachers and send us an email to let us know how you’re getting on. If any parents/carers would like to nominate their child/ward for the praise bulletin, please could you send an email to

Also, don’t forget the photography competition Ms Earle is running for all of us! Details were in the last Headteacher Bulletin and are on the school website here: /latestnews/headteachers-bulletin-friday-8-january-2021.

I hope that you have a safe and happy week, and keep up the fantastic work!

Kind regards,
Mrs Jones