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Headteacher's Bulletin: Thursday 1 April 2021

Coronavirus Bulletin

Dear Parents and Carers,






Another ‘unusual’ term has come to an end and I would like to start this bulletin by thanking you for all your support during the latest lockdown and since the first. We have successfully navigated the return to learning, the asymptomatic testing and the wearing of face masks. We needed to work in partnership with you to achieve this and I am most grateful for your help in getting us there!

Home Testing Reminder
Twice-weekly testing should continue throughout the Spring Break please. Your child will have brought home sufficient testing kits to facilitate these. These are for their sole use and should not be used for other members of the family/friends.

I would be grateful if you would ensure your child tests themselves the night before the return to school or the morning of their return before leaving home.

Please remember that if your child shows ANY Covid symptoms at all, even if their test is negative, you DO NOT send them into school. Instead please notify us in the usual way and book a PCR test online for your child.

A reminder that our guide for home testing can be found on our website along with all other Covid information:

World Theatre Day
Last Friday we celebrated World Theatre Day in school (see our FB page) which was a huge success! Our thanks to Mrs Mrozinski for organising it! Students had activities in form time, staff wore fancy dress or theatrical garb such as wigs and glasses and “Oliver!” themed food was served in the canteen! Here are our Catering Team with their ‘cold jelly and custard’!

Focus for next term
Collecting the evidence to submit the best Y11 and Y13 grades we can to exam boards will be a key focus when we return, as well as continuing to consolidate the learning of students of all ages. Staff will be working on this during our INSET Day this week.

Whilst needing the two-week Spring Break to recharge, students should also keep on top of any home-learning which has been set. Please encourage your child to read as widely as they possibly can on as wide a range of topics as they possibly can, whilst they soak up (hopefully) some of the sun’s rays!


Uniform Reminders
Please may I take this opportunity to remind you that trainers are not allowed in school? We have seen a prevalence of Nike ‘Airforce’ trainers this term. This is NOT a shoe! Please refer back to previous bulletins and our Uniform Policy for acceptable school shoe styles. We have been lenient since returning to school on 8 March regarding trainers whilst non-essential shops have been closed but, as these will re-open over the Easter break, all students should be back in school shoes by 19 April.

Also, students should only be wearing the school skirts currently supplied by our uniform stockists. The old fully pleated or straight skirts with a split are only allowed for the current Y11 and this is the last year they will be allowed.

As the weather gets warmer, there will no longer be a need for coats. Whilst students may wish to wear something light like a hoodie on their journey to school, this must be removed at the school gate or risk being confiscated.

We will be continuing uniform checks in form time next term and therefore I ask for your support in ensuring your child leaves for school in the correct attire.


Newly Elected Parent Governor

Many thanks to everyone who sent in a ballot paper! We were thrilled by the response! By a very narrow margin, our new Parent Governor is Mrs Gillian Cartwright. Many congratulations to her and our sincere thanks to both and Mrs Baig for their willingness to support our school as volunteers. We look forward to working with Gillian on the Local Governing Body very soon!


Trafford Children’s Services
Trafford Council have highlighted their newsletter which your child may wish to read! There is lots of local information for young people here and also information on how to keep safe and well. You can find it at:



Student Star of the Week
The Headteacher’s Award this week goes to….Eleanor W in Year 11! Her fabulous rendition of “On My Own” from ‘Les Misérables’ was the highlight of our World Theatre Day. Mr Madden’s wig was also a highlight but he didn’t come close to Eleanor! Many congratulations Eleanor from us all!

Staff Stars of the Week
The award this week is shared amongst…the Catering Team! Many congratulations to them! Not only were they busy preparing ‘food glorious food’ they also came up trumps on a pre- Environmental Health inspection where the officer informed them that if it had been a real inspection we would have been awarded FIVE STARS!! Well done and thank you team!


I hope you and your families have a fabulous Spring Break and a very Happy Easter! Please look after yourselves and be kind to each other! To our students, come back safely to us on Monday 19th April – look out for more fun Covid-safe enrichment in subjects such as Music next term! Get involved as much as you can!

Stop the spread! Stay safe!

Kind regards
Ms. Earle