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Headteacher’s Bulletin

Friday 26th November 2021

This week we celebrated a wonderful Presentation Evening with last year’s Year 11 students to award them their exam certificates. It was a lovely event, with students so happy to meet up again with those who left last year!  Congratulations Class of 2021!

I was extremely proud of our students last night – they have come so far despite all the odds. Their resilience and determination gave them their justly deserved results.

Two special awards were presented during the evening. The award for Effort and Progress, went to Adam G, whose outstanding journey at Altrincham College is a true reflection of his 'commitment, dedication, hard work and positive outlook.' Our second award, for Achievement, was presented to Terri W; a student who has been the 'epitome of a model pupil.' During her time at Altrincham College, Terri had exceptional academic abilities, was dedicated to her learning, exceptionally organised, and always had a positive mind-set. 

In addition to the presentation of certificates, where every student was invited onto the stage, the audience enjoyed music from our fabulous Year 8 band. 

Thank you to all the members of staff who made the event run so smoothly and successfully for our students.

              Terri W with Ms Earle
        Adam G with Mr Moroney










Covid Update

As you may have heard on the news, there appears to be a new variant of Covid which is seeing another rise in positive cases. At Altrincham College we currently have two members of staff and seven students absent with Covid.

Face masks should still therefore be worn on school buses and in the corridors at lesson changeover times. Hands should be washed as frequently as possible, or sanitised as frequently as possible.

Please support us in stopping the spread of the virus by reminding your child of these guidelines.

Christmas Card Competition (£30 voucher for Amazon)

The annual competition to design a Christmas Card is now well underway! The winning designs will be chosen for our school Christmas Card which is sent out to many people over the festive period.

The prize for the overall winner this year is a £30 Amazon gift voucher with two runners-up prizes of £10 each…what are you waiting for? Get designing!!!

KS3 Young Writers winners – to be published!

Great news! We will have a number of our students published in the next “Young Writers Poetry Anthology”! KS3 students were invited, as an enrichment activity in school, to write poems with the theme of being 'empowered'; writing poems about topics that they felt passionate about. Several of their poems were selected to go into print and we are very proud of them! It's a great achievement for these students. 🙂

Department in Focus: Food Preparation and Nutrition

Mrs South (right) and Mrs Otway (left)
in one of our Food classrooms

The Food Department has taken on a new team over the past year and we are very much looking forward to working with all the students and sharing our combined knowledge with you. 

Mrs South says:

I joined AC in January last academic year, during the lockdown period, meaning a lot of new relationships with students were formed via Teams; it was great to get into school and start putting the faces to the names. Mrs Otway joined in September of this academic year and has made a fantastic impact in the department and created a great impression on the students, and has even started up her very popular jewellery making after school club (which runs every Wednesday!). Mrs Darby, plays a key role as our technician within the department by ensuring that students have an additional expert on hand to share knowledge and skills.

Our aim as a department is to share our passion for Food Nutrition and to pass on our knowledge of Food Preparation skills. It is important to us all that the students we teach take on key life skills and are able to share those life skills with their families outside of our lessons. We hope that all students take away a love of learning and a passion for creating new and exciting dishes at home.

Over the coming weeks, in the lead up to Christmas, there will be an exciting chance for students to create some seasonal and festive products, such as Gingerbread Houses, Festive Biscuits and Mini-Christmas cakes. All of which would make the perfect Christmas gift.

Thank you so much to all families for their support of our subject and we hope that we continue to see our students thrive now that practical work has resumed.

Next week….the Maths Department!

Student Acting Success on TV

Danny S in Y7 has recently finished filming for the “Class Dismissed” TV series on CBBC!

Danny has been professionally acting for the last three years and was in “4 O'Clock Club's Xmas Special” in 2018 and “Andy and the Band” the following year (both also for CBBC). He absolutely loves acting, cares deeply about his craft and is a real perfectionist.                        









We are all very excited in school as “Class Dismissed” hits our screens on Monday 29th November on BBC iPlayer and CBBC, so not long to wait now! The format and shooting style is mockumentary - think ‘The Office’ but set in a high school – and Danny plays the part of Oli, a new Year 7 kid who is a bit nerdy but also a bit of a cheeky scamp!

Check it out on @cbbc or #classdismissed on social media!

Star of the Week

Nominations for Student Star of the Week, for working hard, being polite and respectful are: Ren H Y10, Amelia S Y7, Grace B and Josh D R in Y11, Oliver H in Year 11, Thomas D in Y9, Sohail S in Y9, Lily L in Y9, Charlotte T in Y9 (a good week for Y9!), and the entire GCSE Drama class (!) but the winner is……

….in Year 8, Laila A who was nominated by Miss Duffy for politeness and utter kindness! Very well done Laila! A certificate will be coming to you very shortly!

Staff Stars of the Week

We have two staff Stars of the Week this week who have been quite simply, amazing! Mrs Jobson our Catering Manager and Ms Gatward our Second in English! They have both worked so hard, remaining cheerful and positive and supporting their colleagues as much as they possibly can! A huge WELL DONE and a huge THANKYOU to both of them from all your colleagues!

Christmas Fun!

In the run-up to Christmas, we have planned some in-school events which we hope will allow everyone to have some fun!

Wednesday 15th December: our “Dress Festively” Day and students will be allowed to wear a festive top over their school uniform for a £1 donation to charity. This doesn’t have to be a shop-bought Christmas jumper but can a top they have decorated themselves with tinsel. This will also be the day we have our Christmas Dinner with music and crackers!






Thursday 16th December: our Christmas Concert will take place in the evening. Tickets go on sale shortly!

Friday 17th December: we finish at 12.30pm as it’s the last day of term and school buses will still be running to bring students home. We are hoping to hold a whole school assembly in the Sports Hall that morning but will review the Covid situation nearer the time. Year groups will be socially distanced if this goes ahead.

Thank you for your continued support of our school!

Ms K Earle