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Revision Resources

End of Year Exam Revision Resources

Maths Revision Resources

Which resources can I use to help me?

Key Stage 3 and 4:

  • vle.mathswatch*
    • Year 7: username: school email address, password is the same as your username.
    • All other year groups: username: school email address, password: changeyourpassword (all one word).
  • Dr Frost Maths*
    • username: school email address, password: Password1
  • Corbett Maths
    • Videos
    • Practice papers and questions
    • Revision cards, and more!
  • Maths Genie
    • Videos
    • Exam Questions

For topics covered in each year, please refer to the support documents on 'ways to help your child' support work documents.

*Please ensure you change your password to a secure password once you have logged in

Key Stage 5:

We recommend that students access the following online materials to support their learning: