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Ways to help your child

How can I help my child with Key Stage 3 & 4 DT?

  1. When purchasing a new product, discuss the desired features/criteria and get them to evaluate a range of products, justifying which one they think will be most suitable.
  2. Encourage them to discuss the project they are currently working on, offering to provide survey/research data and advice about the quality of ideas.
  3. Provide access to television programmes such as ‘How it works’, ‘How it’s made’, or the ‘You tube’ back catalogue.
  4. Where possible provide the additional fastenings/fittings/materials for the final project, that the school does not stock.
  5. Support the pupils’ time management by familiarising yourself with interim and final deadlines for coursework completion.
  6. Support the pupils’ revision by setting aside time and space to work with your child memorising the specification content.