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Medical Conditions

What to do if your child has a medical condition/illness


Should your child feel ill, or be injured, in school they should report this to Main Reception (either in person or via their teacher/form tutor/duty member of staff).

Students can talk to our Health & Welfare Co-ordinator, who will decide on the best course of action.

If your child is injured at school, or is so ill they need to go home, a first aider or one of the office staff will contact you.

Under no circumstances should students contact parents/carers themselves to request medication or ask to be collected from school.

Medicine/Health Conditions

If your child takes regular medication, or is prescribed medicine by the Doctor, you must notify school straightaway. NO medication, other than 'epi-pens' and asthma inhalers, should be carried around school as this presents a danger to other students.

Therefore any medicine, other than epi-pens and inhalers, must be handed into reception, in the original packaging, labelled with your child's name. A form must also be completed (see below) to accompany the medicine.

If your child has a chronic health condition (e.g. diabetes, CP) please make an appointment to see our Health & Welfare Co-ordinator, who will assist you in drawing up an Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP) specific to your child and the school.