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Food Preparation & Nutrition KS4


Food Preparation & Nutrition KS4

Key Stage 4 Overview

Students may choose to study GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition as one of their option choices. At its heart, this qualification focuses on nurturing students' practical cookery skills whilst enabling them to make informed decisions about food, nutrition and healthy eating. It ultimately allows students to acquire knowledge in order to be able to feed themselves and others affordably and nutritiously, now and later in life.

KS4 Curriculum

By studying Eduqas GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition students will:

  • Be able to demonstrate effective and safe cooking skills by planning, preparing and cooking a variety of foods whilst using different cooking techniques and equipment.
  • Understand the relationship between diet, nutrition and health.
  • Understand the economic, environmental, ethical and socio-cultural influences on food issues.
  • Understand and explore a range of ingredients and processes from different culinary traditions (traditional British and international) to inspire new ideas or modify existing recipes.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of food safety considerations when preparing, processing, storing, cooking and serving food.

Assessment is by:

  1. Non-exam assessment tasks that involve practical work, undertaken during year 11:
    • A Food Science Investigation – 15%
    • A Food Preparation Assessment - 35%
  2. Written examination paper taken at the end of year 11 – 50%