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Tragic Events In Manchester

23rd May 2017

A Message From The Headteacher

To all Students, Parents & Carers,

Everybody in our proud city woke up on Tuesday morning to hear news of the horrific events at the Manchester Arena on Monday evening. Our prayers and thoughts go out to all those families caught up in the incident, particularly those families who have lost loved ones or who are recovering from major injury and trauma  – what a tragic, utterly senseless atrocity aimed at our innocent young people.

At school today we have been busy contacting students not in school to make sure everyone is safe. I am relieved to inform you that we are confident that all our students and their families that did attend the concert are safe, although understandably still very shaken and traumatised  by events  and separation from family members. Thank you to all those parents that called in to let us know your particular situation.

On days like today it is hard to carry on as normal, particularly for year 11 and sixth form students sitting vital GCSE and A-Level examinations, but that is just what we have done – we are a very resilient bunch in the north west aren’t we?

Many students have expressed an interest and desire to either mark the day with a period of silence or launch an event that makes a stand against such horrendous acts.  Once we have all come to terms with the events of today I will discuss with students an appropriate and fitting response.

ACA is a tolerant, accepting, understanding and diverse community where we share the joy and richness of that diversity. That ethos and resolve will never be broken.

With Best Wishes


Peter Brooks