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School update - 16.03.20

Headteacher's message

Dear Parents and Carers, 

I hope your weekend has been a healthy one as far as possible. These are highly unusual and worrying times for us all; you and your children will be very concerned about this awful virus, as my own family are. 

We are working hard at school to ensure a safe, clean site and that we all follow hygiene guidance. We are also ensuring that a normal daily teaching and learning routine is followed for as long as possible but are being led by Government directives on school closure.

We will keep you updated daily via our website and other forms of communication such as email, Edulink, ClassCharts and social media.  We do not know, at time of writing, of any cases of Covid-19 pertaining directly to our staff or our students however I know there has been an increase across Trafford this weekend.

Please do let us know if your child shows symptoms of being unwell and you are keeping them off school.

I wish you a happy and healthy week ahead.

Kind regards,
Kim Earle