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For students at school w/c 23rd March

Important, please read:

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope you are enjoying Mothering Sunday as best you can. It is at least a beautiful day!

School will open tomorrow for students who are children of key workers or are identified as 'vulnerable'. You should have completed the form sent out by Mrs Shields last week to notify us if you need to send your child to school. If at all possible, children should stay at home. Students should arrive at the Sixth Form entrance at around 8.30am and must be collected/make their own way home at 2.45pm. The school building closes at 3pm. A member of the Senior Leadership Team will be present every day (I will be there tomorrow), there will be a rota of different teaching staff, Teaching Assistants, Supervisors and First Aiders each day.

For those who are attending, school uniform is not required but sensible dress is. There will be PE and Art activities during the day therefore students should dress appropriately.

It would be a good idea for students to bring some homework tasks to complete each day. Staff will be on hand to support with this however we do not expect students to be doing homework all day. Your child may wish to bring a book they are reading, their favourite game or DVD. They will be allowed to use mobile devices at specified times but will NOT be allowed to be on them all day!

Light lunches and other refreshments will be available free of charge from tomorrow but students should bring any other snack or drinks they require, especially if they have dietary requirements. We will not have the usual range of food on offer as we do during the normal working week due to low numbers in school. A water fountain is available throughout the day in the Sixth Form Cafe area and bottles may be refilled as often as required.

Students will be required to use antibacterial gel and wash their hands throughout the day. They will be asked to follow social distancing measures. They will need to sign in and out and will spend the start of each day going through the rules we need them to adhere to.

If a student becomes ill

If a student becomes ill, the first aider will inform parents/carers to come and collect. If Coronavirus is suspected, the other members of staff will support by informing the parents/carers of other students present to find out what they want to do in that situation. Staff will remain on site until the last student has been collected/goes home. Staff will then self-isolate at home.

If a member of staff becomes ill

The same rules apply as above with the ill staff member sent home immediately.

The SLT lead will inform me in any eventuality and in the case of suspected Coronavirus, I will close the school until a deep clean has been carried out. Hopefully we would only need to close for a day. Parents will be notified via usual communication streams. After the deep clean, a new staff team will be in place. Parents/Carers should then decide if their child is well enough to attend. 

If you have any questions next week, please telephone school or email us.

Kind regards

Ms K Earle