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Evening bulletin


Important information

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you so much for all your messages of support today – they mean a lot to myself and all the staff at school as we try to do the best for our students in these difficult times.

Unfortunately several members of staff will not be in school tomorrow and, having discussed the problem with the Senior Leadership Team, we will need to send students home after their lunch at 2.10pm. We have re-jigged timetables and managed to secure a small number of supply teachers (however supply agencies are reporting severe shortages) but we cannot sustain this for the whole day.

We have therefore arranged for the school buses to arrive early tomorrow (2.10pm) to take students home. The 774 bus has not yet confirmed therefore we will supervise any students who need to wait in school until it arrives.

We will also supervise any students who usually walk or get picked up until 3.10pm if they cannot leave earlier. Please discuss this with your child tonight.

Staff will act as ‘Lollipop’ People at both ends of Green Lane if students wish to leave at 2.10pm and walk home.

I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause – we are aiming to keep students in school, having lessons for as long as possible. We await Mr Johnson’s next steps with anticipation as I cannot see the situation improving this week. I will of course keep you updated on a daily basis.

Kind regards,

Ms K. Earle