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Coronavirus Daily Bulletin

Thursday 18th June 2020

Coronavirus Daily Bulletin STAY SAFE; STAY ALERT

Dear Parents/Carers,     

Phase One Re-opening    









We opened yesterday to Y12 students with a staggered entry, subject by subject. It was like a military operation (a remark from two members of the public passing by at the start of the day!) and went wonderfully well thanks to the meticulous planning and support of all our staff. Your support, as parents and carers, was also much appreciated as students all arrived safely and on time. I have to say, it was quite an emotional day for staff having students back at their desks and learning again.

Y10 will have their time from next week and we hope they are looking forward to it! If your child feels anxious or worried about entering school again, please contact us and we will try our best to support them through this. The photographs above show some of the measures we have in place right across the school ready for student arrival.

Face-to-face learning via Teams is also now well underway; please remind your child to keep checking Teams for any upcoming online learning sessions.

It is important for students to check the ‘Activity’ tab within Teams regularly to see any announcements from individual members of staff. 

I am very pleased to say numbers of vulnerable/key worker children attending school each day has dramatically increased since half term. The amount of places we can offer this group of students is limited by the number of staff we have available to run sessions for them. If you would like a place for your child, please:

1)   Telephone or email Mrs Shields to make a request for a place (

2)   If you are a key worker, please to provide proof of this (e.g. photo of your ID badge, including your name, or a ‘proof of key worker’ letter from your employer, including your name).

3)   Please stipulate which days of the week you require provision for your child/ward.

We will then contact you to advise if we have a place available. Thank you.

Headteacher’s Award for Kindness and Thoughtfulness

Well done to hardworking Claudia in Year 9! She has been making these beautiful pieces of jewellery with her brothers during lockdown and selling them to raise money for the NHS. I’ve got my eye on the blue and white earrings! Can I put my order in please Claudia?





In the same year group, Nisha has contacted Mr Guy with her ideas for helping the Y6 students starting with us in September! She thought that a short video may help them see what the school looked like and they could hear about how great the school is from current students. Lovely idea Nisha!

And finally, Laila in Year 12 raised awareness of mental health recently by making a fabulous video of staff and students holding hearts and giving messages of support. Laila’s video was shared on social media with great impact, highlighting this worthwhile cause aimed at ending the stigma around talking about mental health issues.

Well done all three of you! You make me very proud to be Headteacher of such a wonderful school, full of kind and thoughtful people like you! A certificate and £10 Amazon voucher will soon be coming your way!

Have a lovely evening.

Kind regards
Ms Kim Earle