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Attendance: Reporting Student Absence

Attendance: Reporting Student Absence

Please can parents/carers ensure that all student absences are reported before 8:45 am. This can be done through the Edulink One app or alternatively, you can call school and select option 1 on the switchboard to leave a message on the attendance voicemail line. 

Please do not email attendance messages to the Headteacher email address, Head of Learning and Pupil Development or any other member of staff as these messages may not be picked up immediately.  

It is important that you contact school each day that the student is absent from school. For safeguarding reasons, failure to do this will result in your child’s absence being chased by the attendance team on subsequent days.

We strongly advise that appointments should be taken outside of school hours but where unavoidable, please inform the attendance team in advance giving as much notice as possible. This can be done either by Edulink One, a telephone message or by sending a letter in with the student.  Please clearly state the time and nature of the appointment, what time the student is to be collected and by whom.

Thank you for your support.