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Latest Update:

Wednesday 26th April

Dear Parent / Carer,

We have just been informed by TFGM that they have secured temporary cover for the 774 bus service.  From today Wednesday 26 April until Friday 28 April, the 774 will be operated by TJs Travel. 

Please note that this service will be covered using a 70-seater coach and signage noting the bus number and our school name will be visible in the front window of the vehicle from this afternoon.

TFGM are continuing with the tender process (for services to operate from Tuesday 2 May), with submissions due back today. They hope that by the end of the week they can confirm the situation regarding the 773 and 774 services for the remainder of the academic year.

Kind regards

Altrincham College

Tuesday 25th April

Dear Parents/Carers,

I am writing to let you know about the disruption to the bus services this week. TFGM had assured us that buses would be running as normal from today, however we have since been told that due to driver shortages, the 774 bus will not operate until further notice.

I have been told that when there are guarantees that the service is able to operate, TFGM will be in touch again. Updates on this situation can be found on the TFGM here

I have contacted TFGM to say that this is totally unacceptable and I would like this to be escalated. I have received a reply which I hope will help you whilst this issue is being resolved:

“We are continuing to try and source a replacement in the short term and have published emergency tenders (for services to operate from next Tuesday), which are due back tomorrow.

In the meantime, I would advise that students from Wythenshawe use the 44 from Wythenshawe Hospital, alight at Shady Lane to connect to the 771 to school. They can also use the 19 from Wythenshawe Hospital, alight at Altrincham Road to connect to the 771 to school.

Finally, the tram can also be taken from Martinscroft to Wythenshawe Park to connect to the 771 to school. All of the above would get the pupils in before school starts.”

Students should be able to use this in reverse at the end of the school day.

The 773 bus has now been covered by Belle Vue in the morning and by Stagecoach in the afternoon.

I can only apologise for the disruption that this may have caused and as soon as I have a further update I will let you know.

Kind regards,

Ms K Earle