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Remote learning: from Wednesday 6 January 2021

Information for parents, carers and students

Dear Parents, Carers and Students

Half Term 3 – 2020/21 Remote Learning Plan:

As students across the country have already had significant disruption to their learning, we will do our upmost at Altrincham College to continue to support our students and their families during this time.

Remote Learning will therefore begin on Wednesday 6 January 2021 at 8.45am. Students will follow their normal school timetable and receive a 30-35 minute “face to face” MS Teams lesson for each of their lessons. The lesson will begin at the start of each timetabled lesson (P1: 08.45, P2: 09.45, P3: 10.45 (Y11), 11.10 (Y7 and Y8) or 11.35 (Y9 and Y10), P4: 12.00 and P5: 14.05). The remaining 25-30 minutes of the period will be spent completing the tasks given from the lesson and will allow students and staff time to prepare for their next lesson.

Students will access their “face to face” MS Teams lessons by using their calendar, once they have logged into MS Teams (instructions on how to do this were issued again yesterday), along with any work or resources to support the remote learning. Students should access the tile relevant to them e.g. if a student is in Yr10, they should access the MS Teams tile labelled, ‘Yr10 2021 Lockdown Work’. Please note that ClassCharts will no longer be the platform for students to access work for the duration of this lockdown.

In the situation where a member of staff cannot offer an MS Teams “face to face” lesson due to illness, work will be set on MS Teams for students to complete in their timetabled slot.

Although the cancellation of A-Level and GSCE exams (vocational exams are still planned to go ahead) for the academic year 2020/21 has been announced, how the A-Levels and GCSEs will be awarded this year remains unclear. It is highly likely that schools will be expected to submit grades based on evidence collected in school; therefore, it is of the highest priority that all students scheduled to sit exams in 2021 fully engage with the remote learning offer from Altrincham College and complete all work set to the highest possible standard.

If there are any technical issues relating to access and MS Teams please contact the helpdesk at

At the time of writing, we believe all students at Altrincham College have access to technology suitable to enable them to carry out their remote learning (e.g. a tablet, laptop or smartphone). If this is not the case please get in touch with us at school


Yours faithfully

D Moroney
Deputy Headteacher