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Remembrance Day

Friday 11th November

We marked this important day with words from Ms Earle, Head Student Daryna (who read the poem below, composed by herself and another student) and Mr Gillan, Head of History.  We observed a minute’s silence at 11am across school. This was followed by the laying of a wreath in the History block to commemorate those who had lost their lives in all wars past and present.

We freeze in memory of those

Who shed their blood on motherland

Who once fought bravely for a cause

With freedom left to yet explore


We moved on from dismay and terror

To keep our lives in balanced peace

To learn from our gravest errors

And not to wait for press release


whilst wars should help us to learn

to move on from the horrors caused

by mistakes, conflict and honour to earn

we watch the terror, completely paused


whilst wars should help us to learn

to develop from the horrors caused

still we mutter and hide with little concern

because we haven't changed since the holocaust.