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Praise Bulletin: w/c 8 March 2021

Celebrating students' achievements during w/c 1 March 2021

Hello all,

I hope that you and your families are all well and have had an enjoyable week.

We are very excited about everyone’s return and getting back in the classroom. The effort and resilience with your work has continued and we are so proud of you all.

Class Charts praise points are still being awarded for all of the positive things that you are doing, so don’t forget to check your Class Charts account. The form who received the most praise points for remote learning last week were 7.6 - Congratulations! Well done to all of you!


Miss Broster would like to praise the following students in science:

8-4 - Finley and Ke Xin for excellent effort and creativity in their Journey of a Cheese Sandwich stories and cartoon strips.

8-5 - Isaac, Erin, Ruby and Alizah for excellent effort and creativity in their Journey of a Cheese Sandwich stories and cartoon strips.

9a4 - Anna for excellent effort on independent tasks and engagement in online lessons and Libbie for excellent effort on SENECA.

Year 10 - Ying Ying for consistently going above and beyond to make sure she completes all the independent work to an excellent standard. Poppy, Harriet, Dylan, Ying Ying and Abdullah for their efforts on SENECA.

Mr Eastwood would like to sayCongratulations!” to Ellie, Dami, Josh and Chelsey for their work in Chemistry over this last week. They have all shown great engagement and a lovely competitive spirit when completing their work! Well done!



Mrs Painter would like to praise the following students for outstanding contributions to their online French lessons: 

9C2 - Oliver, Toby, Harry and Mohammed

9A4Anna, Libbie and Ahmed



Mrs Hudson-Kirkham would like to say well done to the following students for consistently being outstanding in behaviour, participation and independent work:

7ma1 - Joshua, Zain, Lola, Phoebe, Nicky, Kai, Amie, Emma, Ted, Josh, Libby, Alexa, Lucas and Aiden

8abM3 - Emily and Erin

10Ma1 - Oliver, Callum, Harry, Noah, Jago, Ben, Nils and Ying Ying (although the whole class have been superb during remote learning!)

Well done for all working so hard!!

Mrs Oates would like to say well done to Daisy in Year 11 for achieving an incredibly impressive score on the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge. Daisy is the only student in the school to be awarded a certificate – and she achieved Gold. Amazing!



Miss Geaney would like to praise the following students for their hard work in English:

Year 7 - Emma and Zak

Year 8 - Ben and Aimee

Year 10 - Maddie and Dylan

Mrs Beatty would like to praise 11C3 for all their hard work during lockdown. Their resilience, effort and determination has been inspiring and, to top it all, we’ve also had some fun! Mrs Beatty says, “I can’t wait to see you in the classroom guys!”.

Mrs Hirst would like to praise the following students:

7.5 - You have been a pleasure to teach online and always make me laugh!

Super effort awards must go to Abi, Lilly, Grace, Zoe, Brandon, Connor and Jake. 

Year 8 - Serina for engaging in work really well.

Warren, Nathan, Chris, Sienna, Sofia, Kai, Matilda, Alex and Saffia for Super Effort with online engagement.

Leo and Ethan for always being friendly, on time and answering questions.

Megan, Katy, Sofia, Grace, Ola and Ruby for your group work.

Tabitha, Crystal and Rutuja for team’s wizards.

Year 11 - Anthea, Jessica, Sahar, Maisie, Anya, Eleanor, Sol, Talia and Charlie well done - you should be proud of your achievements this term. You are all already working with a Sixth Form mindset!

Skye C for excellent responses to Paper 2 - well done!

For a creative approach to poetry: Lily G and Bonnie

Well done to all of you Lockdown stars!

Mrs Bradley would like to praise the following students for working so hard in English:

7.2 - LailaRosie, Oliver, Matthew, Vivienne, Victoria, Chloé, Amber and Robert

8.1 - Gabia, Dana, Sama, CassiusLilly, Maddi, ChloeWill, Jamie and Leo

Year 9 - GraceErin, Diya, Niamh, Maryam, Libbie and Anna

Year 10 - Luke, Tom, Nisha, Ben and Alex

Year 11 - Mrs Bradley’s Year 11 class have been amazing: focused, motivated and enthusiastic. Well done!



Mrs Curran would like to share these amazing pieces of textiles work from Maddison and Cassius in Year 8 - they have both achieved all that was asked and created these great swing labels to promote their soft toys, which they will be soon making in school. Well done!!








Mr Kevan would like to praise the following students in Geography:

Year 7 - Yumna and Millie is a star always answers questions in the on-line lessons

8-3G - Rohan and Aimee for always answering questions in the on-line lessons and Jack has produced some fabulous work

8-4G - Madison and Ke Xin for always answering questions in the on-line lessons.

9a/G1 - Maisie, Lilly, Isabel, Adam, Ben, Aaliyah and Mohsin for always answering questions in the on-line lessons and producing excellent work.

9C/G3 - Joe, Hamzah, Baxter and Ashlea for always answering questions in the on-line lessons.

10-4/G1 - Callum, Jago, Oliver and Yousif for contributions to on-line lessons and Olivia and Holly for always taking part.

11A1/G1 - Leah, Isabel, Sam, James, Daisy, George, Robert, Sienna, Luke, Oliver and Maddison.

11C1/G2 - Rhianon, Jessica, Katie, Kirsty, India, Emika, Mya, Renae and Jimmy.

Year 13 - Fay, Will, Ben, Joe, Charlotte, Oliver and Bartosz.

Well Done Everyone - keep up the hard work!



Mrs South would like to praise the following students:

Yr11 - Georgia, Alex, and Safiya for continuous engagement in online learning, and completing all work to a high standard. 

Yr10 - Max, William and Leah for a fantastic cheesecake in our online practical session before half term.

Max your cheesecake looked delicious!

Yr9 - Anaum and Sienna for excellent scores on the half term assessment and for continuous hard work throughout Remote Learning

Yr7 - Charlie, Maxim, Phoebe and Jake for fantastic scores on their half term assessment and consistent online engagement within lessons

Luke in Year 7 showed a superb demonstration of skills when baking over the half term break, well done!

Mrs Danczak would like to say well done to the following students:

8cd/Hk1 – A huge congratulations to Rutuja, Kai and Ethan for achieving 100% in a recent Food assessment - an amazing achievement when learning in these challenging circumstances.  

8ab/Hk1 – Well done to Jamie for catching up with his assignments and for making a fantastic pizza. Excellent practical work demonstrated by Gabia and Raphael too. 

10O4/Hk1 – Well done to Will for demonstrating excellent time management and producing some detailed work independently.   

Well done to Chloe in 8ab/Hk1 who made this fantastic birthday cake for her Grandad – a delicious chocolate cake with a fondant figure playing golf. 

Ms Macklin would like to praise Oscar in Year 8, he made soda bread after an online lesson, and also made a soup to accompany it.  Well done for your efforts and for making an extra dish!

Ms Macklin would also like to say well done to Caitlin in 08ab2 for her bread and pizza making!

08ab3: Well done to Freddie, Emily and James for their efforts making a pizza, and well done to Lilly and Mia-Rose for their bread.

WOW Emily!! That pizza looks like it was made in a restaurant!!







08cd2: Well done to Zara, Charlotte, Jake, Lydia and Ruby for their soda bread making, and well done to Jake for his pizza!

08cd3: Well done to Thomas and to Ryan for their bread making.

In 9a3 well done to the following for attendance in online lessons: Heidi, Talya, Adam, Cleo and Ahmed.

In 9c3, well done for attending the online lessons to Ashlea and Irisha.

Well done to everyone in Years 8,9,10 & 11 who has attended the online lessons – I look forward to seeing you all in person when we return.


Creative Media

Mr Smith would like to praise the following students:

Y10 - Leah, Abi, Lily, Jasmine and Scarlett for great exam preparation submissions. 

Y11 - Evetta, Emily, Elmo, Amelia and Kyra for great coursework submissions. 

Mrs Brennan would like to praise the following students for excellent attendance to remote lessons and submission of work over the whole period of lockdown:

Year 10 Cassidy, Sophie, Ben, Theo, Andy, Olivia, Maddie and Sienna

Year 11 - Maisie, Harry, Luke, Robert, Emika, Lucy, Aleks, Scott, Charlie, Talia, Cailin, Jake, Rabia and Jodie

Year 12Harvey, Brandon and Jamie

Year 13 - Ollie, Kyah, Josh, Carl, Emily, Ben, Jack and Liam



Miss Geaney would like to praise the following students for their hard work in Drama:

Year 7 - Ben, Chloe, Laileh and Brandon 

Year 8 - Blake, Elle, Tom and Lydia

Year 9 - Diya and Kemi 


Mrs Mrozinski wants to say “Well done!” to Year 7 – she has had lots of amazing pieces of work sent through from the Shrek work that was set.










Mrs Mrozinski’s drama stars this week are:

7.1 - Emma, Aiden, Lola, Phoebe, Nicky, Jake, Joshua, Kai, Sarrinah and Joshua

7.3 - Kellis, Leah, Jasmine, Charlotte, Dylan and Tabitha

7.4 - Amy

7.6 - George, Isabella, Eleanor, Tanisha, Gabriella, Ruby and Martha

8.2 - Thomas, Marshall, Vedessai and Tayla

8.6 - Ethan and Ruby

9a1 - Georgia, Annabel, Maise, Adam, Isabel, Adam and Ben

9a3 - Sam

9a4 - Anna

9c1 - Bella and Sophie

9c3 - Phoebe, Niamh and Ashley

Year 10 - Oliver, Milly, Ben, Collette and Dylan

Year 11 - Stephanie, Adam, Maddy, Terri, Maisie and Megan

And a big shout out to the following Drama Club stars: Molly, Immy and Mina.  Watch Molly's and Immy's fantastic acting below!


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I am looking forward to seeing you all back in the classroom!

Computer Science

Mr Carroll would like to praise the following students:

7D - Oscar - for completing the classwork to a high standard and independently learning about Python code.

7BC - Lauren - for completing classwork and participating in class and to Tabitha, Darcy and Lyndon - for participation in class chat

7A - Lola, Josh, Joshua, Amie, Phoebe and Zain, all for great enthusiasm and participation in team chat.

9A4 - Anna - great attitude shown when learning Python independently.

9A2 - Diya and Erin-Beau for great attitude and participation in class.

10Bs1 - Jack, Louis, Cameron, Rebecca, Jess, Abi, Adam, Luke, Lily, Patti and Ying Ying for good participation in the class chat during remote lessons.

11BS1 - Isobel, Maisie, Lucas, Robert, Stephanie, Olivia, Anthea and Zein for working well in Business Studies and participating with the set tasks.


Miss Duffy would like to praise the following students for their hard work in History:

10O2/H2: Excellent work from Adam, Noah, Daniel, Dylan, Jack, Jay and Nils

9C/H3: Phoebe, Baxter, Madison, Ashlea, Niamh and Will

9A/H3: Thomas, Holly, Caitlin, Luke, Jamie, Ronnie and Liam

8-5/H: Jacob, Jake, Darcy, Fatima, Isabella, Alfie, Erin, Lydia, Ruby, Alizah, Eamon, Liam and Isaac

8-3/H: Thomas, Jacob, Raphael, Oscar, Thomas, Adam, T-J and Ben

8-2/H: Vedasai, Jayden, Thomas, Tayla, Lewis, Jordan, Emily, Lewis, Shareef, Grace and Amber

7-6/H: Dennis, Imogen, Eleanor, Molly, Ewan, Ella and Martha

7-3/H: Lauren, Xenia, Mason, Khali, Charlotte and Jack

7-1/H: Aiden, Jake, Zeina, Libby, Brandon, Lola and Zach

Mr Guy would like to praise the following students:

7.2 -Laila - always engaged in lessons, Olivia – good contributions, Callum - good effort and Rosie - good contributions

7.4 - Maxim - great presentation and research about Leonardo Di Vinci, Amelia - good effort, Milly - good effort, Amy - good effort and work, Yumna - good effort and Theo - good effort and work

8.1 - Lilly - great effort and work, Gabia - excellent contribution in lesson, Will - good effort, Cassius - good contributions in lessons, James - good effort, Caitlin - good effort and work, Visha - good contribution, Chloe - great effort and knowledge, Lacey - good effort and   Bucas -good effort

9a2 - Maryam - wonderful piece of work about the Holocaust, Erin - good collage about the Holocaust and why we should remember it, Freddie - good effort, Diya - Excellent work and Isabella - good effort.

Diya your History work was amazing well done!

10 O1 - Evelyn, Natal and Stephanie - all producing exam answers above target grade. Excellent responses.



Mr Madden would like to say well done to the following students for their hard work in music:

For your work in our recent Indian Music and Fanfares, Marches & Waltzes topics

7.1       Phoebe, Aiden, Lola, Lucas, Lola, Zain, Josh, Aimie, Josh, Ted, Kai and Sarrinah

7.2       Laila, Olivia, Callum, Robert, Victoria, Chloe and Vivianne

7.3       Lauren, Darcy, Tabitha, Khali and George

7.4       Layla, Jessika, Charlie, Jacob, Millie, Rylie, Theo, Maggie, Milly, Connor, Maxim, Yumna

7.5       Riley, Carys, Harry, Aania, Natalia, Jake, Liam, Grace, Libby, Humayl, Zoe and Abigail

7.6       Mina, Lauren, Stephen, George, Ella, Martha, Lucy and Ruby

For your work in our recent Sci-Fi Movie Music topic, plus a great start to creating a soundtrack using the online digital audio workstation BandLab for Education:

8-01     Gabia, Chloe and Erin

8-02     Vedasai, Thomas, Emily, Ivan and Tayla

8-03     Aimee and Oscar

8-04     Poppy, Molly, Ke Xin and Zara

8-05     Lydia and Ruby

8-06     Ethan, Megan, Rutuja, Warren, Ola, Matilda and Kai

For your work in our recent Ground Bass topic, and an impressive start to creating music using BandLab for Education:

9A1     Cleo, Georgia, Annabel, Ria, Isabel and Herbie

9A2     Diya, Charlie and Max

9A3     Sam, Tom

9A4     Arnas

9C1     Mateusz, Angel, Diana, Emma, Irisha, Rebecca, Anaum, Sienna and Rulin

9C2     Mohammed, James and Neo

10 Music GCSE - for your excellent work across a range of varied listening and composing tasks - Amelie, Callum, Oliver, Jack, Jay, Alfie, Jago, Jack, Milly, Irene and Vanessa

10 Music Technology NCFE - IonaShay and Ewan

11 Music GCSE - for your consistent attendance at our recent revision sessions about key knowledge for the Listening & Appraising component - Jack, Jennifer, Connor, Sean, Millie, Chloe, Caleb, Sam, Oscar, Stephanie, Tiahna, Jacob, Daisy, Eleanor and Lucas

11 Music Technology NCFE - James

12 A-Level - for the high quality of your recent performing and composing work - Oliver and Hannah.


As we always say, please don’t be disappointed if you didn’t see your name in the praise bulletin this week. Carry on working hard and your teachers will nominate you. Also, if there are more than one of you in your class with the same name, and you’re not sure if the teacher is referring to you, just send an email to ask.

Let’s continue with the hard work and praise as we return!

Well done Everyone!