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Praise Bulletin: Monday 8 February 2021

Celebrating the achievements of our students during w/c 1 February 2021: well done everyone!

Hello all,

I hope that you and your families are all well and have had an enjoyable week. We are all aware that this is a really challenging time for everybody and we are so proud of you all, the hard work and enthusiasm from online learning has been amazing.

Class Charts praise points are still being awarded for all of the positive things that you are doing, so don’t forget to check your Class Charts account! The form who received the most praise points for remote learning last week were 7.1 - Congratulations! Well done to all of you.



Mrs Danczak & Mrs South would like to share some amazing creations - they are delighted with the pictures that are being sent in.

Well done to Katy in Year 8 “Katy exceeded my expectations (I only set the soda bread practical)!!”
















Georgia in Year 8 - your soda bread looks amazing!

James in Year 9 has prepared more meals at home, which look absolutely delicious.








Mrs Danczak would also like to praise:

7ab/Hk3 - Khali, Dylan-James & Max for engaging well with online lessons and assignments

7cd/HK3 - Molly, Mina, Dennis, Jagoda, Ella & Martha for engaging well with online lessons, cooking at home and completing the assignments set

8ab/Hk - Sama, Chloe and Leo for their effort and commitment to online learning

8cd/Hk1 - Oliver J, Sofia, Ethan, Erin L and Rutuja for engagement, completing the assignments set and producing some fantastic soda bread

9cd/Hk3 - Baxter, Joseph and Irisha for great contributions in class and for completing all assignments set 

9a/Hk4Holly, Ronnie and Liam for always attending online lessons and trying their best with the work set. Georgia, Libbie and Thomas for their effort and quality of assignments produced

104/Hk1 - Tom, Will, Ariba, Jessica, Leah, George, Harry, Sophie for their effort and completion of assignments set

Mrs South would like to praise the following students for their engagement in all online lessons and submitting all assignments to a fantastic standard. You are all working really hard, keep it up everyone.

07-ab1 - Archie, Amie, Joshua, Lola,

07-ab2 - Callum, Rosie, Harry, Chloe

09-c1 - Emma, Sophie, Sienna, Xingkai

09-c2 - Harry, Neo, Toby, Oliver

10.3 - Harriet, Leah, Adam, Sienna

10.4Tom, Jessica

11.4 - Charlie, Rhianon, Adam, Amina, Matthew

Mrs South is also blown away by the incredible work of Milly in 07-cd1, she has made this cake for her uncle’s birthday. Well done Milly for your amazing work!!


Mrs Wagstaff would like to say how impressed she was with Ella in Year 7 for her textiles work, this is a fantastic piece of work Ella!

Performing Arts

Mrs Mrozinski would like to congratulate:

Maisie in Year 11. Maisie received a gold medal for coming 1st in a virtual performing art (under 15 acting category) competition. She says “well done Maisie I am so proud of you!”.

Lola in Year 7: for the work you have put in to creating your drama storyboard, well done Lola an amazing piece of work!


Oscar in Year 8 created some amazing Drama work. He was tasked with creating a soundscape to create the atmosphere of a haunted house, and Oscar has gone above and beyond by creating a digital sound track. You can listen to his soundscape here:!Aiymd6U2MnZqpApvawWIJ_Ohwm01?e=XRiqHk.

This week I have received lots of great work and it is evident that pupils are enjoying what they are studying. My inbox has been filled with lots of monologue performances!!!

7.3 - Khalis

7.4 - Ameilia, Rylie, Theo, Maddy

7.6 - Eleanor, Billie, George, Ella

8.6 - Ethan

9A1 - Isabel 

9a3 - Sam

9a4 - Matty

9C1 - Daryna and Emma

10 - Oliver, Millie, Ben, Jondis, Ella and Luca

Year 11

A big pat on the back for all the year 11s who performed live their exam monologue via teams. It was evident that you have been working extremely hard and taken on board all the feedback given. It was a pleasure to watch you all perform!!!

Mrs M is also a proud mummy this week as her daughter entered a under 9 acting competition due to the under 7 categories not running and came 3rd  - Congratulations!



Well done to all students who are regularly attending and engaging with online Music lessons. Mr Madden and Mr Wilson have been really impressed and pleased by your engagement and participation, and by the work that you have been doing remotely.

In Year 7 (World Music topic) and 8 (Film Music topic), lots of you have engaged really well with the online Lesson Quizzes – well done! In addition, the following students have particularly stood out for sending in excellent work for the other listening, research and performing tasks!

Year 7

7.1 Zain, Josh, Aiden, Ted, Lola, Amie

7.2 Chloe

7.3 Lauren, Jamie, Leah

7.4 Rylie, Theo, Millie, Maggie, Maxim, Lois

7.5 Aania

7.6 Martha R-F, Molly, Ruby, Ellie, Ella


Year 8

Mr Wilson: 08-5 Isaac, Erin

Mr Madden: 08-2 Ivan, 08-3 Oscar, 08-4 Zara, 08-6 Ethan

Year 9

Mr Wilson: 9A2 Erin-Beau, Diya

Mr Madden: 9C1 Irisha, Emma, Daryna; 9A1 Isabel, Georgia, Ben, Ria, Henry

Year 10 GCSE Music

Mr Madden has been hugely impressed with your engagement and work as a whole group. In particular, for your recent work in our Appraising Film Music assignments:

Jay, Irene, Callum, Amelie, Alfie, Jago, Jack, Arron, Amelia, Lucy

Year 10 NCFE Music Technology

Nils V-D, Arnav, Jess D-H

Year 11 GCSE Music

Mr Madden has been very impressed with the engagement, commitment and work of regular online lesson attendees.

Particular praise is due for some fantastic remote work in each of the GCSE Components:

Performing: Daisy, Millie, Sam, Lucas, Eleanor, Stephanie, Caleb, Chloe

Composing: Sam, Oscar, Eleanor, Tiahna

Appraising: Oscar, Eleanor, Daisy

Year 11 NCFE Music Technology


Year 12 A Level Music

Mr Madden would like to congratulate Oliver in Year 12 his A level Music composition for Trumpet was outstanding, Well done Oliver!

You can listen to an extract from Oliver's composition at the bottom of this page


Mrs Bradley would like to say well done to the following students for all their hard work online in English:

7.2 - Rosie, Robert, Laila, Olivia, Harry, Matthew, Chloe, Amber and Callum

8.1 - Gabia, Dana, Sama, Chloe, Cassius and Miki

9.2 - Erin, Diya, Grace and Niamh

9.4 - Libbie, Matty and Jess

10.3 - Keely, Luke, Alex, Iona, Nisha and Tom

11Terri, Adam, Amelia, Olivia, Evie, Emelia and Millie



Mrs Hardy would like to praise the following students who have worked well in online lessons and made some really valuable contributions to discussions in Geography:

7/3 - Kayden, Phoebe, Daniel and Tabitha

7/6 - Immy, Louie, Molly and Stephen

9/2 - Neo, Jorja, Ella, Rebecca, Joe, Alex, James, Oli and Campbell

9/4 - Ellie, Ahmed and Anna

10 - Dylan, Patti, Selena, Katrina, Josie, Sahib, Ben, Shay, Colette and Aidan

11 - Ben, Oscar, Alex and Lucas

12 - Both Alex's, George, Harry and Oli



Mrs Witchalls says “well done” to the following students for all your hard work:

7d2 - Carys, Zoe, Will, Natalia, Aania, Brandon and Amelie - for such a good effort with Dr Frost

9c2 - Ben and Josh for great work on venn diagrams

10c4 - Paige and Max for great interactive answers

11c2 - Ashley, Niamh, Jodie, Lucy, Bonnie and Emily – for going the extra mile!

12-4 - All of you - David, Dawud, Toby, Elva, Josh, Harry and Mateusz – for hanging in there trying to learn difficult maths online!!

And Mrs Jones would like to say “well done” to:

8cd/M1 - for completing every task set to a really good standard - Leo, Jacob, Matilda, Ruby, Isabella, Oliver, Alfie, Erin, Georgia, Grace, Rutuja and Katy

9a/M4 - For participating in lessons - Sam, Liam, Cait and Ronnie

10a/M3 - For completing every task set to a good standard - Ewan, Andy, Summer, Ella, Gabriel, Dylan, Jaden, Aidan and George

11a/M2 - For participation in lessons - Jack, Tallulah, Oscar, Ellie and Stephanie


Miss Birch would like to praise the following for all their hard work in Science:

8.3 - Jack, Oscar, Lily, Adam

8.6 - Leo, Charlie and Warren

9.3 - Roman HG, Joe and Macey

11.3 - Stephanie and Rabia


Child Development

Mrs Danczak would like to congratulate Madison and Georgia for their effort and progress with coursework Well done!!


Creative Media

Mrs Brennan would like to congratulate the following pupils:

For excellent engagement with all Remote Lessons this week:

Year 10 - Ben, Andy, Sienna, Sophie, Madeline, Grace, Josh, Shay and Olivia

Year 11 - Harry, Jake, Luke, Rabia, Charlie, Scott, Cailin, Lucy and Emika


For much improvement in lesson engagement this week:

Year 10 - Ruby, Luci, Holly

Year 11 - Aleks


Mrs Brennan’s stars of the week are:

Year 10 - Grace

Year 11 - Robert

Year 12 and 13 - Brandon and Ollie


Mrs Wagstaff would like to praise the following students for their participation in home learning:

Year 11 – Anthea, Robert, Stephanie and Maisie

10/Me1 - Cy, Vanessa, Aiden, Michael, Luca, Nathaniel, Toby, Harley and Ben.


Business Studies

Well done to the following students for all their hard work and participation with online lessons:

10Bs1Cameron, Lily, Alex, Keely, Abi, Jack and Ting Ting.



Mr Carroll and Mr McWatt want the following students to know that they have all been amazing with their online learning - keep up the good work!!

7a1 - Tayla, Kai, Zain, Amie, Joshua and Phoebe

8ab - Thomas

8cd3 - Maddison

8cd1 - Ethan and Charlie

13/Cs1 - Matthew, David and Thomas



Mrs Curran has been sent some amazing work over the last week and would like to share it with you

Amie Year 7

Maddie Year 8

Raphael Year 8

Gabia Year 8


Diya Year 9

Phoebe Year 9

We have some amazingly talented students - the work you are producing is outstanding!!


Mrs Danczak would also like to praise 84A - Georgia, Zara and Poppy for producing some lovely colour wheels - keep up the good work!


Please don’t be disappointed if you didn’t see your name in the praise bulletin this week. Carry on working hard and your teachers will nominate you. Also, if there are more than one of you in your class with the same name, and you’re not sure if the teacher is referring to you, just send an email to ask.

Well done Everyone!