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Praise Bulletin: Monday 25 January 2021

Celebrating students' achievements during w/c 18 January 2021

Hello All,

I hope that you and your families are all well and have had an enjoyable week. We are all aware that this is a really challenging time for everybody and sometimes we need to try and find something to lift our spirits. I saw a suggestion last week of choosing something new to learn or a setting yourself a new but enjoyable challenge, for example, learning a new language, learning how to bake a cake, reading one new book a week, or learning how to take better photographs. I’m going to challenge my form to do this over the next week, and I’d love to hear from you if you join in with the challenge too.

Class Charts praise points are still being awarded for all of the positive things that you are doing, so don’t forget to check your Class Charts account. The form who received the most praise points for remote learning last week were 7.3 - Congratulations! You have all continued to impress us this week with your effort and enthusiasm in your online lessons. Well done to all of you.


Ms Hirst would like to praise the following students for participating so well in their online learning:
11c1 – Sahar, Anthea, Skye, Maisie, Jessica, Sol and Eleanor
8.6 – Ethan, Matilda, Serina, Rutuja, Sofia and Nathan
7.5 – Carys, Ben, Zoe, Will, Billy, Harry, Abi, Humayl, Aania, Grace, Callum, Amelie and Oscar.

Ms Hirst would like to thank Oscar for feeding back the comments to the class and helping her out online too!

Ms Parnaby is really proud of the following students for working so hard and embracing online learning so positively in such challenging circumstances:
10c1 – John, Evelyn, George, Ben, Declan, Scarlett, Arnav, Will, Cassidy, Geordan, Sophia, Amy and Isobella - You’ve had fantastic engagement in online learning and there have been some fabulous pieces of persuasive writing completed this week.

11c4 – Matthew, Matthew, Molly, Ellie, Kirsty, Lucy, Ashley and Jake - You’ve been working hard online and meeting deadlines for handing in work.

11a2 – Chelsey, Alex, Abi, Genna, Ben, Ben, Kyra, James, Saf, Tamzin, Jess and Gus - You’ve had fantastic engagement in online lessons, been meeting deadlines for handing in work and also doing some great work on analysing non-fiction and writing persuasively.

Y12 A-Level English Language class: Students have all worked brilliantly this week taking responsibility for knowledge recall quizzes on different aspects of Language & Diversity. Special mention goes to Lily and Isabella who did a fantastic online presentation to the rest of the class recapping aspects of Gender and Language.

Mrs Beatty would like to congratulate Mushahid in 9a1 for his excellent poem about homelessness:

Wake up every morning with no one by your side,
wake up every morning with nothing in your pockets,
Living in a place with no welcoming.

Days go by, life goes with no comforting smile,
life is incomplete without trust,
Hope to see the day when I save them.

Wake up every morning with no one by your side,
Wake up every morning with nothing in your pockets,
Living the life that I used to hate people for.

Children being pulled away and hands firm on purses,
treated like an alien with no life,
Life is short and the end is near.

Wake up every morning with no one by your side,
Wake up every morning with nothing in your pockets,
Poor is what we are and rich look down at us.



Mrs Jones would like to say thank you to the following students for consistently contributing to their online lessons:
Year 8 – Jacob, Terry, Matilda, Ethan, Ruby, Kai, Ola, Saffia, Alex, Isabella, Megan, Charlie, Oliver, Serina, Erin, Isobel, Erin, Grace, Rutuja, Harry, Alizah, Katy, Mirabel, Ke Xin and Sofia

Year 9 – Sam, Liam, Ronnie and Matty

Year 10 - Cameron, Ewan, Andy, Summer, Erin, Ella, Ellie-Leigh, Gabriel, Dylan, Jade, Aidan and George

Year 11 – Jack, Tallulah, Ella, Oscar, Stephanie, Rabia and Jess

Year 12 – Josh, Mateusz, Dawud, Elva, David, Toby, Harry, Gemma and Oliver

Year 13 – Youssef, Logan, Tom, Sian, Tom and Matt


Mrs Witchalls would like to praise the following students:
Year 12 – A consistently good effort from Josh, Dawud, Elva, David and Toby.

11c2 – Excellent online work on Dr Frost from Ashley, Jake, Jodie, Sophia, James and Joe.

10c4 – Well done to Toby and Declan for 100% attendance so far.

9c2 are working so hard – a special mention to the following for great effort with online work on Dr Frost: Neo, Ben, Anaum, Hannah, Ella, Joe, Toby, Baxter, Liam, Kaveena and Macey.

7d1 – I’ve been very impressed by all students for such great attendance and also such hard work on Dr Frost.



Miss Hjort has nominated the following students for their work in Science:
7.6, 7.4 and 7.2 have all been engaging really well in science so keep it up!

9cS2 - Ella, Oliver, Mohammed, Neo, Rebecca, Toby, Harry, Hannah, George and James have all made excellent contributions to online lessons over the past couple of weeks - Well done!

10Bi1 - I've been really impressed with the levels of engagement overall, lots of excellent work produced.

10Ch4/10Bi4 - Well done to Toby, Olamide and Charlie for answering lots of questions in online lessons.

11a3 - Well done to Millie and Charlie for showing a really good attitude to learning.

Miss Hjort has also shared some of the fabulous work produced by 3 of her year 9 students. Well done to Toby, Lana and Oliver.










Congratulations from Mr Whitham to the following students for their contributions this week: Zoe in 7.5, Lacey in 8.1, Holly in 9a3, Sam in 10c3, Leah in 10c1, Natal in 10a4, Amina in 11a1 and Rhianon in 11c3.


Modern Foreign Languages

A shout out from Mrs Penaido to her 7.1Sp, 7.2F, 7.3Sp, 7.5F/Sp and Y8.3 classes for their excellent engagement with the online lessons. They are a pleasure to teach!

Some outstanding students due to their work and engagement are:

7.1 - Lola, Phoebe, Zain, Emma, Josh, Emilie, Chloe, Elisabeth and Sarrinah.

7.2 - Victoria, Laila, Harry, Viviane, Amber, Rosie, Olivia and Matthew

7.3 - Irisha, Leah, Lauren, Khali, Ajanae, Lyndan and Evie

7.5 - Harry, Abi, Natalia, Aania, Zoe, Will, Liam, Grace, Connor and Carys

8.3 - Oscar, Lilly, Rohan, Aimee, Raphael, Adam. Tom, Tom and Josh

9C/F1 - Lena, Diana, Angel, Emma, Irisha, Sophie, Alfie, Rebecca, Daryna and Gabriella

9/F2 - Erin, Diya, Harry, Grace and Grace

10O1/Sp - Abdul, Noah and Harriet – Thank you for your hard work, engagement in lessons and your excellent attitude. 



Mrs Hardy would like to say well done to the following for working well in online lessons and making valuable contributions:

7/3 - Lauren, Jamie, Khali, Ajanae, Max, Jack, Lyndan and Xenia

7/6 - Elly, Mina, Ella, Ruby, Martha and Billie

9/2 - Lana, George, Amy, Mohammed, Oli, Toby and Hannah

9/4 – Libbie and Heidi

Year 10 - Noah, Nick, Abdullah, Nils and Ying Ying

Year 11 - Jackson, Ben, Minaal, Emma, Connor and Cailin

Year 12 – Harry and George



Miss Duffy would like to praise the following students for their work so far:

7.1 - Josh, Josh, Emma, Aiden, Zach, Lola, Emelie and Zain

7.3 - Evie, Lyndan, Jack, Max and Jamie

7.6 - Ella, Mina, Jake, Immy, Martha, Lauren and Lucy

8.2 - Thomas, Lewis, Grace, Jordan, Tayla and Emily

8.3 - Jacob, Raphael, Aimee, Lily, Erin and Oscar

8.5 - Jacob, Darcy, Erin, Alizah and Eamon

9A3  - Tom, Holly, Liam, Ronnie, Sam and Alfie

9C3  - Phoebe, Will, Ryan, Macey, Roman, Niamh, Ashlea and Alfie

Year 10 - Nils, Dylan, Daniel, Noah, Jay and Ben



Mrs Curran would like to say how impressed she is with Oscar in Year 8.  He's attended every lesson and submitted some great work.  Also Jack in year 7 has been working very hard too.

Here is one of Oscar’s brilliant collages.


Mrs Danczak would like to congratulate Jay in year 10 for how well he has engaged with the online lessons and for sending his completed work in so promptly.

Mrs South would like to congratulate Isobella in year 10 for her fantastic work too.








Both Isobella and Jay have produced some delicious looking choux pastry.


Mrs Mrozinski would like to nominate the following Drama superstars:
7.4 – Layla, Rylie, Milly and Millie

7.6 – Immy, Lauren, Ewan and Mina

8.6 – Charlie, Ruby, Ethan and Kai

9c1 – Gabriella, Irisha, Emma, Daryna and Kaveena

9a1 – Georgia

9a3 – Ronnie, Liam and Thomas

9a4 – Libbie

Year 10 – Lily, Dylan, Oliver and Megan

Year 11 – Terri, Eleanor, Adam, Stephanie, Maddy and Maisie

Particular congratulations to Immy in Year 7 for the fantastic video that she produced of her work for the Hogwarts challenge.


Mr Dennis would like to say well done to Isaac in Year 8 for being the first student to send proof that he had completed one of the balancing challenges. Well done Isaac, it looked very impressive!

Mr Dennis would also like to mention Nathaniel in Year 7 for how much he has improved his badminton skills over lockdown.



Finally, I’d like to give a special mention to Lucy in 10.6. Just before Christmas, Lucy had 6 inches of her hair cut off for the charity Little Princess Trust (to make wigs for children who have lost their own hair). She also raised £200 by asking friends and family to give a contribution. Lucy just took all of this in her stride, but I wanted to say on behalf of the staff that we think it was a fantastic thing to do and we’re incredibly proud of you Lucy, well done!

As I said last week, please don’t be disappointed if you didn’t see your name in the praise bulletin this week. Carry on working hard and your teachers will nominate you. Also, if there are more than one of you in your class with the same name, and you’re not sure if the teacher is referring to you, just send an email to ask.

Alongside your academic work, we’d really like to know what else you’ve been doing and how you’re staying positive, so please stay in touch with your form tutors and teachers and send us an email to let us know how you’re getting on.

If any parents/carers would like to nominate their child/ward for the praise bulletin, please could you send an email to

I hope that you have a safe and happy week, and keep up the fantastic work.

Kind regards,
Mrs Jones