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Praise Bulletin: Monday 1 February 2021

Celebrating students' achievements during w/c 25 January 2021

Hello all,

I hope that this bulletin find you and your families are all well. I’ve been so impressed this week with all of the wonderful images that have been sent in. We have a very creative group of pupils at Altrincham College and I’m excited to share some of their talents with you.

Yet again, you have all continued to impress us with your effort and resilience this week. Well done. The form in each year group who received the most praise points on ClassCharts last week were 7.3, 8.1, 9.2, 10.3, 11.1, 12.2 and 13.3, congratulations!


Miss Greenhalgh would like to say well done to Jack in 7.3 who is really making a big effort in contributing to online lessons and submitting work, Vedasai, Grace and Hayden in 8.2 for their excellent effort in lessons, and Harry in 10A/E4 for always being prompt to lessons.

Mrs Crossley would like to nominate the following students:

For the effort they put into their work creating an interview inspired by Simon Armitage's poem 'Give':
Irisha in 9.3 and Emma in 9.2

For creating an entertaining monologue inspired by Simon Armitage's poem 'Give':
Isabella in 9.6

For writing a letter that contained some lovely vocabulary inspired by Simon Armitage's poem 'Give':
Rulin in 9.2

For contributing responses during remote lessons followed by work completed to a good standard:
Jack in 11.5 and Millie in 11.6

For a good standard or work handed in on a regular basis:
Ella in 11.4

Mrs Crossley has also shared a wonderful poem written by Isabella in 9.6.

On the beach next to me sat a girl,
with hair as golden as the sun.
The ghost of her smile was gone,
as crystal tears ran down her cheek,
and formed droplets on the back of hands.
The man stood in front of her.
A nervous wreck. In his trembling hand,
were a dozen roses his last failing tactic.
And just like that their flaming passion,
was burnt out.

Mrs Hirst’s Year 7 class have produced some cut up poetry. We have some great examples here from Zoe, Aania, Harry and Abi  in 7.5.




















Mrs Hirst would also like to congratulate some of her Year 11 pupils as they should be incredibly proud of their ability to manage deadlines, work independently and produce engaging writing: Sahar, Anthea, Liv, Charlie, Maisie, Jess, Anya and Eleanor.


Mrs Witchalls would like to congratulate the following on their hard work:

11c2 – Aleks, Will, Niamh, Talia and Tiahna for excellent attendance and great effort on Dr Frost

10c4 – Sidney for persevering with Dr Frost!

9c2 – Amy and Harry for fantastic work on Dr Frost

7d1 – I continue to be impressed with all of you. It's impossible to pick individuals out as there are so many of you working really hard, with 100% attendance, arriving punctually and being polite and lovely to teach. Well done!

Mrs Hudson-Kirkham says well done to the following:

7aM1:  You are all working extremely well but a special mention to Josh, Lola, Kai, Zain, Phoebe, Amie, Zach and Emma who all participate particularly well during each and every lesson- well done!

8abM3:  Great effort and participation from Josh (8.5), Lilly, Emily, Eve, Ben, Sohail and Freddie, who all actively participate in lessons and try hard.

9aM3: Well done to Sean, Holly and Thomas for their effort and participation in all lessons.

10aM1: You are all superstars who turn up and work extremely well every lesson.

11aM3: Well done to Lucas, Millie and Emma who attend every lesson and work really well.


Mrs Jones would like to congratulate the following students who have attended every lesson this week, contributed to class discussions and completed all of the work set:

8cd/M1 –Ethan, Ruby, Isabella, Megan, Charlie, Erin, Isobel, Georgia, Grace, Rutuja, Harry, Alizah and Katy

9a/M4 – Sam, Liam, Caitlin and Ronnie

10a/M3 – Ewan, Andy, Ella, Gabriel, Dylan, Aidan and George

11a/M2 – Jack, Tallulah, Ella, Ben, Ben, Oscar and Stephanie

Congratulations to the following pupils who are the top point scorers on for their year group this week:

Year 7 – Oliver in 7.2

Year 8 – Bianca in 8.5

Year 9 – Annabel in 9.5

Year 10 – Poppy in 10.2

Year 11 – Sophie in 11.5

Year 12 – Dawud in 12.2

Year 13 – Sian in 13.2



Mrs Noonan has been really impressed by the following:

Year 10 – Cy, Jessica, Abdullah and Elise for their outstanding contributions and participation in lessons.

Year 11 – Niamh, Chloe, Matthew, Terri, Olivia and Amelia for excellent attendance to lessons and great participation.

Year 13 – Simmy, Charlene, Rebecca, Fay, Gloria and Hannah for their great contributions to their Biology lessons.


Modern Foreign Languages

Miss Murray has nominated the following students this week:

In Year 7, Yumna - for excellent participation in French and Spanish online lessons and Zain for not being afraid to ask for help and support when he needed it.

In Year 8, Rutuja - for excellent participation in online lessons and for sending in all homework, completed to a very high standard, Gabia for consistently being polite, hardworking and kind, as well as completing a gorgeous set of drawings to represent Spanish Foods, and Chloe for excellent participation in Spanish lessons.

In Year 9, Macey - for always trying her best and participating in online lessons and Sam for excellent participation in online lessons.

In Year 10, Tanishka - for excellent participation in online lessons and Cory for punctuality, hard work and contributions during online lessons.



Mr McWatt would like to congratulate Irisha in 9.3 and Ella in 7.6. for their excellent independent work on coding.



Mrs Curran has shared some wonderful pictures created by various pupils including Miki in 8.1, Sam in 9.6 and Ying Ying in 10.4.












Mrs Curran has also some shared some images produced by pupils in Year 8 for their textiles work. These pictures are from Charlotte in 8.1 and Roisin in 8.5








Mrs Wagstaff would like to congratulate the following for their work:

7.1. 7.2, 7.5 and 7.6 have been amazing with engagement and responding to questions. Well done!

8abTx1, 8cdTx1 and 8cdTx2 have been fantastic and have produced some excellent work! Keep it coming.

In Year 11, Chloe, Millie, Will, Madison and Maddie have all produced fantastic work for their GCSE Textiles coursework! Well done!

Mrs Wagstaff has shared some work produced by Aania in 7.5, Leo in 8.6, Eleanor in 7.6, Lola in 7.1, and Maddie in Year 11

























Mrs Danczak would like to say well done to Avalon in Year 8 for a brilliant factsheet about corn, and Charlotte, Lucy and Lauren in Year 7 for being super conscientious and working out alternative ways to send her their work.

Aimee in 8.5 made a three-course Italian meal for her family and Katy in 8.5 has made some lovely butterfly cakes. I think we have quite a talented group of budding chefs in Year 8!








Creative Media

Mrs Brennan would like to congratulate the following students:

For consistent excellent engagement with Remote Lessons:

Year 10 – Ben, Andy, Theo, Sienna, Sophie, Madeline, Shay and Olivia

Year 11 – Harry, Jake, Briony, Luke, Rabia, Lucy and Emika

Year 12 and 13 – Brandon, Harvey, Emily, Carl, Jack and Kyah

For much improved engagement:

Year 10 – Ruby, Grace and Josh

Year 11 – Olivia

Year 12 and 13 – Josh and Abbie

Mrs Brennan’s stars of the week are:

Year 10 – Sophie

Year 11 – Maisie

Year 12 and 13 - Harvey


Child Development

Mrs Danczak would like to congratulate Ellie and Ellie in Year 11 for their great effort and progress made with their coursework.

Isabel and Katie in Year 11 have also worked incredibly hard on their coursework – well done!



Mrs Mrozinski’s drama superstars this week are:

7.1 – Jake, Joshua, Zain, Ted, Lola, Joshua and Chloe

7.3 – Tabitha, Khali, Charlotte, Lauren, Lyndan and Daniel

7.4 – Millie, Theo, Maxim, Yumna, Maisie and Layla

8.2 – Lewis

8.6 – Matilda, Kai, Ethan and Ola

9c3 – Phoebe, Olivia and Ashley

9a3 - Tom and Ronnie

9c1 – Ben, Rebecca and Anaum

Year 10 – Sam, Millie, Milly, Dylan and Lucas

Year 11 – India, Stephanie, Terri, Maisie, Adam and Eleanor


Well done to the Year 10 superstars for entering their monologues into a Tribe Theatre competition – let’s see if we have any lucky winners!

Well done too to Maisie in Year 11 who has competed in a virtual performing arts competition this weekend. A big pat on the back for putting yourself out there!

Miss Geaney’s drama superstars are:

Year 7 – Chloe and Ka

Year 8 – Chloe and Dareau

Year 9 – Diya and Shay



Miss Morley would like to nominate two of her Year 10 GCSE PE pupils for their fantastic scores in their end of unit tests. Well done Abbie and Poppy!  Abbie’s answers have also been used as model answers for her class!

Mr Larkin would like to nominate Tom in his Year 10 GCSE PE class for engaging so well with the lessons.



Mrs Wagstaff and the PSMs would like to congratulate Year 7 and 8 on another fantastic week, well done!

They say: "It was lovely to see so many of you in the assemblies last week and I hope you are managing to complete the step challenge I set you. Keep up with the fantastic work and engagement in lessons, you really are doing amazing!"

Finally, James in 9.3 has been keeping his family well fed by learning some life skills and cooking them breakfast, lunch and dinner! As you can see from the picture below, James’ practise is paying off - it looks absolutely delicious!



As I said last week, please don’t be disappointed if you didn’t see your name in the praise bulletin this week. Carry on working hard and your teachers will nominate you. Also, if there are more than one of you in your class with the same name, and you’re not sure if the teacher is referring to you, just send an email to ask.

Alongside your academic work, we’d really like to know what else you’ve been doing and how you’re staying positive, so please stay in touch with your form tutors and teachers and send us an email to let us know how you’re getting on.

I hope that you have a safe and happy week, and keep up the fantastic work.

Kind regards,
Mrs Jones