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Praise Bulletin: Monday 1 March 2021

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Celebrating students' achievements w/c 22 February 2021

Hello all,

I hope that you and your families are all well and have had a lovely half term break. You should all be very proud of your hard work and enthusiasm with online learning as we all start to prepare for our return into school - you have been amazing and we are so looking forward to seeing you in school very soon!

Class Charts praise points are still being awarded for all of the positive things that you are doing, so don’t forget to check your Class Charts account. The form who received the most praise points for remote learning last week were 7.3 - Congratulations! Well done to all of you.


Mrs Danczak & Mrs South would like to share some amazing creations - they are delighted with the pictures that are being sent in.

Mrs Danczak would like to praise the following students-

7cd/Hk3 - Carys, Ruby, Tanisha, Eleanor and Charlie for completing some fantastic assignments and making some brilliant food at home including bread, potato wedges and homemade pasta.

7cd/Hk3 - Jake for working so hard over the holidays to catch up with his assignments. 

8cd/Hk1 - Harry and James for producing lots of fantastic food at home including pizza, cake and bread

Harry - well done your cake looks amazing and delicious!

And well done to Carys in Year 7 for the photo of your delicious bread!

Jake in Year 7 - your pasta salad jar design was brilliant - well done! 

Well done to the following students in 8ab/Hk1 - Vedasai, Ivan, Alfie, Tanya and Bucas for producing some fantastic soda bread and to Thomas and Lily S for making pizza.

Thomas your pizza looked fantastic!

Mrs Danczak would also like to praise

8cd/2 - Kade for excellent classroom participation and Isabella, Zara, Fatima, Jake, Ruby and Isaac for producing some fantastic soda bread 

8cd/Hk1 - Kai for excellent participation in class and a super bread practical, it looks amazing well done!

9a/Hk4 -Well done to Sam and Matty for excellent classroom participation, keep up the hard work!


Well done to all of the students who celebrated Pancake Day over the holidays and made some fantastic pancakes – the Food Department loved receiving them all.  Mrs Danczak’s favourites were Ke-Xin’s in 8cd/Hk1 for its simplicity but professional presentation, Mina in 7cd/Hk1 for her fun and creative pancake tower and Imogen in 7cd/Hk1 for her 3D pancake bear which demonstrated a high level of skill and creativity. Well done to everyone – sorry we aren’t able to publish all of your photos. 








Child Development

Mrs Danczak would like to say well done to Talia, Millie & Evie for all working so hard on their coursework.


Miss Brickland would like to praise the following Year 10 students for always working hard online and producing great work - Jago, Harry and Dylan

And well done to Georgia in Year 9 for producing a great model of an electrical circuit and using Amazon Prime as her inspiration - which seems very appropriate!

Performing Arts

Mrs Mrozinski would like to share some of the work from Year 7: they were asked to create a costume design for their character to wear when they attend the Yule Ball at Hogwarts:

































Well done to all of you, these are all fantastic designs!

This week's Drama stars are:

7.3 - Lauren

7.4 - Everyone who logged in this week's lesson, you were really trying hard!

7.6 - Immy, Lauren, Molly, Ella and Ruby

9a1 - Isabel, Georgia and Annabel

9A4 - Anna

9c1 - Ella, Sienna, Bella, Kaveena

Year 10 - Milly, Oliver, Colette and Dylan

Year 11 - AdamTerri, Stephanie, Emily, Maddy, Maisie and Eleanor.

Also, thank you and well done to all those who attended Drama Club this week.


Mr Kevan would like to praise the following students for their hard work in Geography lessons, well done!

8-3 Thomas, Jacob, Erin, Jack, Raphael, Lilly, Aimee, Thomas, Oscar, James, T-J, Isabelle, Lily, Rohan and Ben

08-4Zara, Kaiden, Layla, Wilf, Georgia, Helena, Maddison, Logan, Dareau, Ellie, James, Molly, Poppy, Mirabel, Rebecca, Connor, and Ke Xin 

9a/G1 - Herbie, IsabelLilly, Demi-LeighBen, Ted, Georgia, Ali, Finn, Annabel, Isla, Adam, Aaliyah, MaisieHugoRia, HenryCleoAlex and Tina.

9C/G3PhoebeMadison, Ryan, William, Niamh, Ashlea, Hamzah and Emma-Leigh John 


Mrs Parnaby would like to share and praise this piece of writing produced by Caide in Year 10, with the fantastic support of Mrs Sherry, which is very powerful and honest:  

Creative Media

Mrs Brennan would like to congratulate the following pupils:

For excellent engagement with all Remote Lessons this week:

Year 10Ben, Andy, Sophie, Theo, Sienna, Cassidy, Madeline, Shay and Olivia

Year 11Aleks, Talia, Olivia, Robert, Maisie, Harry, Jake, Luke, Rabia, Charlie, Scott, Lucy, Beatrice and Emika

For much improvement in lesson engagement this week:

Year 10Holly and Ruby

Year 11Beatrice

Mrs Brennan’s stars of the week are:

Year 10Ben

Year 11Emika

Year 12 and 13 Liam


Mrs Curran has had some fantastic work over the past few weeks from all years.

Year 7 tackled Van Gogh landscapes, see Josh's lovely use of mark making here.

Year 8 were creating manga-style self-portraits; check out Crystal's work:

Diya in Year 9 blew me away with this photomontage. I can't wait to see this project develop!

In Year 10 our artists were busy creating artist research pages.

Noah produced Baby Yoda in the style of artist James Raiz:

And Nisha has made some beautiful sketchbook pages based on artist Kristy Patterson:

Well done guys - keep up the excellent work.


Mrs Wagstaff, Mrs Woods and Mrs Curran have been amazed at the work and creations they have received over lockdown. All this work has been collected and all being well will be displayed on our screens around school as there are so many fantastic pieces to show. Well done to all of you for all your hard work.


Mrs Sherry-Brennan would like to praise the following Year 10 students

Sienna - amazing engagement with online lessons whilst at home, well done Sienna.

Paige & Cameron - fantastic improvement with attitude to learning during lockdown, great job guys. 

Stephanie, Antony & Arron for amazing attitude and effort during lockdown learning.

Thank you All!

We are in the process of producing some postcards for Altrincham College that we can send out to our neighbours.

Here are some of the designs we’ll be using - thanks to the creativity of Maddie in Year 13, Sol in Year 11 and Leena in Year 11:










Please don’t be disappointed if you didn’t see your name in the praise bulletin this week. Carry on working hard and your teachers will nominate you. Also, if there are more than one of you in your class with the same name, and you’re not sure if the teacher is referring to you, just send an email to ask.

Well done Everyone!