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Praise Bulletin: Friday 12 February 2021

Celebrating our students' achievements during w/c 8 February 2021.

Hello all,

I hope that you and your families are all well and keeping safe. The effort and resilience in your work has continued and we are so proud of you all, the hard work and enthusiasm from online learning has been amazing and is bringing a smile to our faces.

Class Charts praise points are still being awarded for all of the positive things that you are doing, so don’t forget to check your Class Charts account. The form who received the most praise points for remote learning last week were 7.6 - Congratulations! Well done to all of you.


Mrs Crossley would like to share this excellent piece of work with you from Irisha in Year 9, such beautiful vocabulary - fantastic work Irisha!!

NEXT TABLE - Reg Saner 

As I stood leaning against the counter, waiting for a customer to tend to, I couldn’t help but focus on a lady. 

The woman sat there as if waiting for somethingor rather someone. Absentmindedly licking over her cracked lips, she fidgeted with her fingers. She had ordered for herself an affogato, extra cream, less syrup; a bicerin supposedly for the one that was supposed to accompany her this gloaming. She lingered around; her dessert slowly melting as a young man with a mask jostled in, panting heavily. 

His tired, hazy, brown eyes meandered the room sanguinely and illuminated when they connected with hers. He walked towards her with a sheepish grin that you could discern even through the mask. 

“You’re late”, she opined.

I subconsciously inclined my body further to eavesdrop but I was disenchanted by a customer waving their hand-signalling me to aid to them. 

When I was back after serving a family, I was greeted by the two holding hands and smiling at each other. The man’s mask had been taken off. They looked at each other as if their eyes held whole worlds; worlds that they wanted to dive into as this one couldn’t contain their infatuation. 

I gazed out of the window as they left hand in hand; the lass with a tranquil grin and the bloke with his mask back up. They whispered sweet nothings to each other as the world passed by them. I watched as the two got smaller and smaller as they receded from my view. I took a deep breath as I turned away. 

As I took off my apron and walked out of the café, I found myself thinking about the two; the two people never better for each other. How I will never see them again, these two, perfect people. 

My mind kept voyaging to the day where my moon crumbled and my stars exploded, falling like ashes to the sea as I watched my world fall apart as my love left me. I curled my fingers tighter around the strap of my bag clinging to the belief that happiness hasn’t forgotten my address; the belief that the empty space next to me will one day be full. 


Mrs Sumner would like to praise the following students for their hard work and commitment in English:
Year 13 English Literature – Aimee, Natalie, Oliver, Lily and Grace

Year 11 C3 - Will, Niamh, Emily, Sam, Rezon and Reigho

Year 11 A3 - Stephanie, Rabia, Lucas and Oscar

Year 10 C2 - Abdullah, Jondis, Ariba, Ben, Jack, Sydney, Leah, Lucy and Antony

Year 10 A3 – Daniel, Jay, Noah, Oliver, Harriet, Poppy and Josie



The following students have all been working hard in History:

From 9A - Heidi, Libbie, Arnas and Maryam

From 9C - Amy, Evie, Campbell, Joseph, Oliver, Emma, Ella, Neo, Thomas, Toby, Alex, Abigail and Rebecca

From Mr Smith's History class - Poppy, Ying Ying, Oliver, Amelie, Aimee, Sahib, Lewis, Gabriel, Jaden and Tanishka

And ‘well done’ to all Mr Smith's young historians in Year 11 who are working incredibly hard under the circumstances. 

Mr Guy would like to say well done and praise the following students:

Year 8.1 for effort and getting involved: Gabia, Sama, Will, Lilly, Madison, Casius, Alfie, Lacy, Chloe, Erin, Thomas and Bucas

Year 8.4 for effort and getting involved: Blake, Finley, Layla, Georgia, Helena, Maddison, James, Rebecca and Ke Xin

Year 8.6 for effort and getting involved: Christopher, Leo, Isabella, Ethan, Matilda, Alex, Charlie, Grace, Harry, Warren, Rutuja, Katie and Sophia  

Year 9a1 for being brilliant throughout and all the effort they’ve put in: Isabel, Ben, Lilly, Georgia, Ali, Annabel, Adam, Maisie, Ria, Henry and Mushahid

Year 9a2 for being brilliant throughout and all the effort they’ve put in: Kemi, Erin, Tayla, Diya and Grace

Year 9c1 for being brilliant throughout and all the effort they’ve put in: Alfie, Thomas, Emma, Ben, Anaum, Isabella, Sophie, Ben, Diana, Daryna, Angel, Irisha, Bella, Mateusz and Rulin

Some Year 9's have produced exceptional answers to GCSE style questions this term: Georgia, Isabel, Lilly, Adam, Maisie, Ria, Cleo, Emma, Rebecca, Sophie, Gabriella, Diana, Kaveena, Leena, Sienna, Daryna, Angel, Bella, Erin and Diya

Year 10 for excellent effort and hard work and for completing work above and beyond target grades: Evelyn, Iona, Natal, Dylan, Ben, Millie, Antony and Geordan.



Mrs Danczak would like to say Well Done to Danyal in Year 7 for baking, decorating and arranging these special cupcakes. They look amazing!

Mrs South would like to share this amazing vegetable stew with cheesy dumplings from Joshua in Year 7. It looks delicious - well done Joshua!

Well done to Carys in Year 7 who took it upon herself to make a dessert for the family – Oreo Cheesecake. This looks amazing Carys!!

Ms Macklin would like to share these pictures from Oscar in Year 8. Oscar has been busy making all kinds of different bread products. Well done for all your hard work Oscar - your focaccia bread looks beautiful! Oscar also made some amazing pizza which looked delicious!









Ms Macklin would like to praise the following students:

08ab2 for their efforts: Issah, Lacey, Caitlin, Tayla, Jack, Tom, Maddison-Mae

08ab3 for their conscientious approach to their work and for their great effort: Jacob, Lilly, Tom, Emily, Adam and Eve

08cd2 for their effort in their work: Isabella, Zara, Darcy, Fatima, Lydia, Ruby, Crystal, Isaac and Poppy.

08cd3 for their efforts in attending lessons: Eamon, Ryan, Layla, Alfie, Grace, Maddison, Helena, Elle, Leo, Liam, Thomas, Molly, Rebecca, Liam and Layla.

Year 9 for good engagement in online lessons: Ashlea, Baxter and Adam

Year 9 for their work and efforts: Heidi and Talya

Year 11hk3 for all of their engagement in online lessons, and effort handing work in: Sam, Aidan, Kirsty, Sahar, Chloe, Molly-Jane and Leah.

Ms Macklin would also like to praise the following students in the Hospitality and Catering group: Nicholas, BenAntony and Stephanie - for completing and handing in every single piece of written work that has been set so far. A huge well done to this group, as it is taking excellent commitment and organisational skills to complete and submit the work.

Mrs South has received so many great pictures by students from their practical work at home this week:

07-cd1 - Maggy made an amazing portion of ravioli

The following students have been fantastic and completed all classwork and engaged well in all lessons: 09a2 - Isabel and 09a1 – Erin.

Holly and Sam in 10.3 both created fantastic cheesecakes in our online practical lesson:

10.4 - Sydney and Max worked really hard and presented wonderful dishes in our online practical lesson:














11.4 - Cadee and Georgia designed some brilliant dishes in our lessons talking about sauces.

Well done everyone, keep up the hard work!!


Creative Media

Mr Smith would like to praise the following students for their excellent work ethic in creative media. Well done to all of you and keep up the hard work!

Year 10 - Leah, Abi, Claudia, Scarlett, Patti and Selena.

Year 11 - Evetta, Megan, Emily, Genna, Renaé and Amelia.

Year 12 - Maisie, Kaitlyn, Harvey, Lauryn, Brandon, Lara, Ria and Chloe.

Year 13 - Carl, Kyah, Emily, Liam, Ollie, Jack and Ben


Mrs Brennan would like to congratulate the following pupils for excellent engagement with all Remote Lessons this week:

Year 10Ben, Andy, Sophie, Theo, Madeline, Shay and Olivia

Year 11Aleks, Talia, Robert, Maisie, Harry, Jake, Luke, Rabia, Charlie, Scott, Lucy and Emika.

And for much improved lesson engagement this week:

Year 10Ellie

Year 11 Briony


Mrs Brennan’s stars of the week are:

Year 10 Cassidy

Year 11Harry

Year 12 and 13 - Josh and Harvey



Mrs Curran has seen some outstanding work from all years this week. Well done for your hard work!

Isabella and Gabia in Year 8 have both blown Mrs Curran away with their Manga-style portraits:


Poppy in Year 10 has been working super hard on her 'My World' project:

Harry and Oscar in Year 8 have tackled working with recycled materials found at home and produced amazing results in both art and textiles:








Josh's work on 3D objects stood out in Year 7 for his sensitive approach to drawing and wonderful use of tone to create shadow:


Miss Murray would like to say well done to Josh in 7.1 for the lovely piece of work he has sent in. Miss Murray says, “I gave the class a choice of a range of creative tasks to complete and Josh chose to make a TikTok. I thought it was great and definitely deserving of some praise. Fantastic work Josh!”. You can watch Josh’s video below!


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Mrs Peinado would like to praise 7.1Sp, 7.2F, 7.3Sp, 7.5F/Sp and Y8.3/Sp classes for their excellent engagement with the online lessons. They are a pleasure to teach!

Some outstanding students - due to their hard work and engagement - are:

7.1 - Lola, Phoebe, Zain, Emma, Josh, Emilie, Chloe, Elisabeth and Sarrinah.

7.2 - Victoria, Laila, Harry, Viviane, Amber, Rosie, Olivia and Matthew

7.3 - Irisha, Leah, Lauren, Khali, Ajanae, Lyndan and Evie

7.5 - Harry, Abi, Natalia, Aania, Zoe, Will, Liam, Grace, Connor and Carys

8.3 - Tom, Oscar, Lilly, Rohan, Aimee, Raphael, Adam. Tom and Josh

9C/F1 - Lena, Diana, Angel, Emma, Irisha, Sophie, Alfie and Rebecca 

9A/F2 - Erin and Diya

10O1/Sp - Abdul, Noah and Harriet for their hard work, engagement in lessons and their excellent attitude. 



Miss Hjort would like to send praise to the following students - keep up the good work!

For completing and sending me all of their science work for the current topic – well done to:

Year 7.6 - Pharrell, Martha, Carys, Lexi, Ruby, Ella, Stephen, Molly, Eleanor, Lucy and Lauren

Year 7.4 - Charlie, Aamnah, Theo and Rylie 

Year 7.2 - Laila, Victoria, Vivianne, Rosie, Harry, Barnabus, Olivia and Chloe 

For consistently answering questions and engaging with lessons:

Year 9cS2 - Campbell, Mohammed and Oliver

For excellent attendance and completing independent tasks:

Year 10c4 - Paige

For completing and returning all tasks for the current topic:

Year 10Bi1 - Nisha, Tom, Evelyn, Stephanie, Jess, Leah and Jack - well done!

For completing and returning independent tasks:

Year 11aBi3 - Emma, Charlie, Millie and Amy - keep it up!



Mrs Mrozkinski says, “What a term it has been! I am really impressed with how you have adapted to working online and the challenges of performing online. You should all be very proud of yourselves!!”.

Mrs Mrozinski’s shining stars this week are:

Year 7.1 - Zain, Lola, Joshua, Chloe, Emilie, Ted, Emma, Lucas and Phoebe

Year 7.2 - Ben

Year 7.3 - Tabitha

Year 7.4 - Maxim, Rylie, Theo, Maggy and Millie

Year 7.5 - Natalia and Libby-Skye

Year 7.6 - Ella, Eleanor, Immy, Martha, Mina and Molly

Year 8.2 - Lewis and Vedasai

Year 8.3 - Zara and Elle

Year 8.6 - Ethan

Year 9a1 - Adam, Ben, Isabel and Annael

Year 9a3 - Ronnie, Holly, Liam, Tom and Sam

Year 9c3 - Irisha and Ashley~


A big pat on the back for the Year 10 Drama students who have written their own monologues and performed via Teams this week:

Milly, Jondis, Ben, Lily May, Megan, Sienna, Collette, Ella, Oliver, Dylan, Theo, Olamide, Luca and Harry

In Year 11 the following students are working really hard and meeting every deadline!

Adam, India, Maddy, Maisie, Megan Terri, Eleanor, George and Harry

"Life is not a dress rehearsal. Make it count."
S. Altman


As we always say, please don’t be disappointed if you didn’t see your name in the praise bulletin this week. Carry on working hard and your teachers will nominate you. Also, if there are more than one of you in your class with the same name, and you’re not sure if the teacher is referring to you, just send an email to ask.

Well done Everyone!

Enjoy your half-term and we will see you again on Monday 22 February – Stay Safe!