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Headteacher's Bulletin: Friday 30 April 2021

Coronavirus Bulletin   

Dear Parents and Carers,

A reminder that this weekend is a Bank Holiday weekend – please do not send your child to school on Monday!

Covid Update

Thankfully we still have no reports of positive Covid cases at our school. Please continue to report results (whether they are positive, negative or void) from twice weekly testing over this bank holiday weekend. Please see this Government blog about why reporting results is so important:

Year 11 and Year 13 Teacher Assessed Grades

Today we have submitted our Centre Policy to the JCQ on awarding GCSE/A-Level grades this year.  The policy indicates the steps the school will take in order to ensure all students fairly receive the grades which reflect what they know and can do, in each subject they study.  Once the policy has been accepted by the JCQ and ratified by Governors, it will be published on the school website. Similarly, there will be supplementary information for parents/carers from the JCQ on the awarding of grades for students this year.  

Code of Conduct

We have had fewer confiscations of items which are not allowed in school this week. Thank you for your support. Most of our confiscations are mobile phones. If seen, whether students are using them at the time or not, mobile phones will be confiscated.

On the plus side, the vast majority of students are doing the right thing! They are focused on their learning and are polite and caring to each other. This is all we ask! Thank you to them for modelling the behaviours we expect!

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Please see some information below from Kooth about a webinar next month for parents and carers which you might find interesting!

Good News Stories

Louis J in Y10 has been selected to be the U-16 England Captain! Louis plays for Manchester United and is clearly doing great things! We are all very proud of him!

Mrs Acharya, our Head of RE, has also been recognised for her excellence. NATRE (National Association of Teachers of RE) have asked her to be the lead co-ordinator for the Decolonising of the RE Curriculum project. Well done Mrs Acharya!


Student Star of the Week

We had lots of nominations this week, including Rhianon F in Y11, Isabel C in Yr 11, and Jake O in Y7 but the winner of the Headteacher’s Award this week goes to….Libby D in Y9! She has been nominated by Mr Guy for “turning things around and having a great week of lessons!” Your hard work has paid off Libby - many congratulations!

Staff Star of the Week

We had lots of nominations for Staff Star this week too! Nominations included Ms O’Brien, Mr Thorpe, Mr O’Neill, Mr Samulewski, Mr Guy, Mr Madden, Ms Phelan, Ms Savage and Mr Callahan……but the winner this week is Mrs Shields! She is a fabulous Headteacher’s PA and supports lots of students, staff, parents and carers with a whole range of matters on a daily basis. Congratulations Mrs Shields and thank you for all you do!

I hope you have a wonderful May Day this long weekend!

Stop the spread! Stay safe!


Kind regards
Ms. Earle