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Headteacher's Bulletin: Friday 14 May 2021

Coronavirus Bulletin

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope all our families who celebrated Eid this week had a wonderful time!

Eid Mubarak from all at Altrincham College!

Covid Rules in School

The Government has announced that students will no longer be required to wear facemasks in school from Monday. Whilst this is a welcome next step out of lockdown restrictions, I do not want students who would prefer to wear a face mask to feel they must take it off! If your child feels happier wearing one, that is absolutely fine. Staff are also not required to wear them in lessons from Monday but will wear them around school in communal areas.

Leavers' dates

Years 11 and 13 will go on Study Leave after half term, therefore their last day in school will be Friday 28th May. The final date for submission of exam grades by the school is June 18th and the exams process finishes at the end of June. I would therefore request that students do not go away on holiday (if allowed by then) until July, just in case we need to contact them in relation to their grades. Many thanks for your support.

It is still critically important that students attend school until the 28th May. Assessments are still taking place and we need as much evidence as possible to support the grades we will award them.

Please continue to ensure your child’s attendance is 100% at this time.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Y11s and Y13s for the exemplary way in which they have revised for and are completing their assessments and exams, and to the staff for managing such a high workload at this time.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum is not allowed in school. It is hugely increasing our cleaning costs because some students choose to stick it under desks, on chairs, or drop it on the floor. This makes the school unhygienic and scruffy. I would be most grateful if students can be reminded at home that this is not acceptable and we will continue to reinforce in school. Thank you.

Drama masterclass (for the full story click here!)

I was so impressed with all the students who took part in the masterclass with Michelle Keegan yesterday! It was lovely to see new students who are joining our Sixth Form in September getting involved as though they had been here since Y7! The students’ monologue delivery was astounding and they all took the masterclass seriously – they were clearly fully prepared for Michelle’s visit and their professionalism shone through. We are extremely grateful to Michelle for giving up her time to come into school and work with our students; the tips she gave them were welcomed by the students and her insight into the industry really held their interest. We are delighted Michelle has offered to come back later in the year as students pursue their drama studies, at GCSE and A-Level.


Student Star of the Week

This week’s Star of the Week is Ellie L-B in Y11! She has exceeded the number of hours in online revision for her exams; she’s trying really hard! A wonderful attitude towards her work. Well done Ellie from all your teachers!

Staff Star of the Week

The award for Staff Star of the Week this week, goes to Mrs Davenport! Mrs Davenport works in our Admin Team and has been a real superstar dealing with admissions and appeals – a huge workload but she has managed it all efficiently and in a highly professional manner. Congratulations from all your colleagues!


Thank you for your continued support of our school!

Stop the spread! Stay safe!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Kind regards
Ms. Earle