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Headteacher's Bulletin: Friday 13 November 2020

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EduLink One will be replaced by SIMS In Touch: November 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and Students

Unfortunately, there will not be a Bulletin this week; however, we do need to let you know about an important change in home/school communication:

In response to parental feedback, our school’s contract with EduLink One will end this month.

The EduLink app will be replaced by ‘SIMS in Touch’ which is a much easier to use facility and one which is used by a lot of schools.

The main feature of EduLink (letters and messages home) will be replaced by this new system, which will send messages via email to parents/carers (to their home address) or via text message.

Users should not be concerned as all of EduLink’s features (other than seeing students’ reports) can be accessed elsewhere:

Catering accounts: ParentPay
Timetables: Class Charts
Behaviour (positive and negative): Class Charts
Letters/Messages: SIMS in Touch

Parents/Carers will be able to message into school (for example, to send absence messages) using this new system, and more details on how to use this new communication tool will follow next week.

It is now vital that all parents/carers and students download the Class Charts app so that they can access timetables, behaviour reports and announcements.

With many thanks for your support

Altrincham College