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AC Amazing Students Bulletin

w/c 4th May 2020

Hello everyone,

I hope this bulletin finds you safe and well. With a week of better weather, hopefully your spirits have been lifted again. I've been working hard with Joe Wicks every morning and it is starting to feel good, rather than just painful. Joe calls himself "Captain Serotonin." A week ago I had some very different names for him, but I can now understand what he means by this. Physical exercise definitely makes you feel better and more able to cope with the challenges around you. If you haven't already had a go at one of his 9am workouts, why not give one a go this week? 

Something else that really helps me to stay positive is seeing all the fabulous things you are doing at home. Let's take a look at some of this week's superstars......

Mrs Woods - Textiles/ Art

Fatima - Year 7: Fatima has created String Art independently. It looks great!

Daryna - Year 8: Daryna has been working hard on her packaging designs for Textiles. They are very impressive.

Abdullah - Year 9: Many of Abdullah's teachers have received comical and uplifting emails from Abdullah as he has submitted work. He is clearly working hard and maintaining a great sense of humour in these challenging times. We are all very grateful for the humour!

Erin - Year 7: Erin has completed some fantastic Drama work. Her comments have been evaluative and analytical she has clearly work very hard.  Erin has also been impressing Mrs Woods with her incredible art work.

Isabella - Year 7: Isabella has created some very impressive designs for Mrs Woods in Art. Great care and attention to detail are shown in her drawings.

Ruby - Year 7: Ruby has shown great imagination and creativity within her Drama work. She has created inventions to take on a secret mission and explained how they can be used in great detail.

Phoebe - Year 7: Phoebe has really impressed Miss Mitchelmore this week. She has been creating models for Science. She's made a lung from some balloons and a plastic bottle and antagonistic muscles with cardboard and and some strings. This is magnificent!

Jessica - Year 7:  Jessica has been sending Miss Mitchelmore copies of all her work completed linked to muscles and bones. She is clearly working very hard to complete everything on time. She has achieved some great scores on the online active learn tasks as well!

Grace - Year 7:  Grace created an incredible leaflet for her English Chilli challenge. It was colourful, informative and very creative. We were all very impressed.

Miss Bragg - Maths

The following students have been doing some fantastic work in Maths for Miss Bragg over the last couple of weeks. They have made sure to spend time watching the necessary videos and then practice new skills using the interactive questions on MathsWatch. Well done everyone and keep up the hard work!

Year 7

  • Thomas 
  • T-J 
  • Lilly 
  • Adam 

Year 8

  • Bella 
  • Joe 

Year 9

  • Adam 
  • Nils 
  • Will 
  • Nisha 
  • Iona 
  • Jago 
  • Evelyn 
  • Poppy 
  • Harriet 
  • Leah 
  • Jess 
  • Ben 
  • Noah 

Year 10

  • Anthea 
  • Harry 

Drama - Ms Murray

Gabia: Gabia has created some incredible designs for her secret mission. Her attention to detail is wonderful and she has explained all ideas thoroughly.

Callum and Cy ​written very impressive scripts. The dialogue is intriguing and language choices show a real depth of understanding of character.

Mrs Hodson: Maths
Year 7: Well done to Lydia, Liam and Ruby who all completed over an hour of mathswatch work in a week watching videos and practising questions. 

Year 8: Loads of students from 8cd1 completing over an hours work on mathswatch watching videos and completing questions - so here are the ones who have completed over 100 minutes worth in a week, great work!! Sarea, Gabriella, Lena and Isabel.

Year 9: Well done to Cameron and Dylan on their mathswatch work!

Year 10: Well done to Ndumiso and Millie on their mathswatch work!

Paige - Year 8:  Paige has put so much thought and detail into this work, even down to the bar code! It looks so realistic! Her images link brilliantly to the toy that she has designed too. She has obviously put a lot of time and effort in to this work. Mrs Gate is very pleased with her efforts. 

Another successful, positive and productive week from Altrincham College students. Thank you for sending us your work and showing us the fantastic progress you are making. Please continue to stay in touch with your teachers via email and Classcharts. We love hearing from you!

Kind regards,

Ms Murray