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Abdulla Hasan Kindness Award

Abdulla Hasan Award for Acts of Kindness

Congratulations to Year 8 student Lilly, who is the school's first recipient of the 'Abdulla Hasan Award for Acts of Kindness.'  The award is named in memory of Abdulla, who sadly passed away last summer, and it is in recognition of the student who has shown the greatest kindness to others over the academic year.

Ms Earle commented, "Lilly really epitomises what this award is for – kindness. The young man it is named after was a very gentle and kind student. Lilly, we are very proud of all you do – you set a wonderful example to all the other students at Altrincham College. This is well-deserved."

Students and staff have observed what a kind, considerate and caring person Lilly is and her mum added that Lilly provides lots of support for her family, even cooking tea three nights a week and helps to clean the house!

A smaller version of the kindness award can be seen on the olive tree, which is located in the school yard, in Abdulla’s memory.  The olive tree symbolises peace, healing and goodness.