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Head Boy and Girl

Message from our Head Boy and Girl

Head Girl - Aimee

Altrincham College is a fantastic place to be a student. There is mutual respect between staff and pupils. Staff work hard to create an environment to enable personal and academic growth, tailored for each individual student, to bring out the best in everyone. Pastoral care is as important as academic endear and this makes a perfect environment to achieve your personal and academic goals. I have always given my up most in school, particularly during lessons and sports events, as I believe in working hard to achieve my goals and ambitions. This is why I'm so proud to represent Altrincham College as the schools Head Girl.

Head Boy - Dominic

Your time at Secondary School is an important part of a young persons life. Altrincham College makes that time enjoyable and interesting.

Having not been at this school for very long, Altrincham College has made it easy for me to fit in. This shows the school has a nurturing and supportive environment. Both staff and fellow students support each other to help achieve academic and personal development.

Altrincham College offers many different extra curricular activities. My personal favourites are in the arts. Being able to get involved in art competitions and the school musical has integrated me into the school community. They helped me to feel like a member of the team and give something back to school.

Overall, my short time here at Altrincham College has helped me to reach my full potential and will be a starting block for my future. This is why I am grateful to represent Altrincham College as their Head Boy.