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Ways to help your child

Creative Media Studies

How can I help my child at Key Stage 4?

  1. Each student will have a Coursework Record Booklet; please encourage them to monitor this carefully, as it documents their progress and allows for them to see exactly what they have to do to achieve their full potential.
  2. As this course consists of 60% coursework it is essential that students apply maximum effort at all times and remain up to date in all of their Year 10 and 11 classwork and homework.
  3. Revision of subject specific terminology will aid the analysis process
  4. Preparation for the exam will begin after February half-term in Yr11. During this time it is fundamental that students are regularly revising from the revision booklet provided.

How can I help my child at Key Stage 5?

  1. Each student needs to be encouraged to spend at least 2 hours per evening on their KS5 studies in order to keep up with the demand of the courses they are studying.
  2. Success on this BTEC course is reliant on coursework and the production of evidence that fulfils the unit assessment requirements. Therefore, it is essential that students:
    1. Are fully aware of the unit assessment criteria (parents and students can access this information via Remote Access. File path: Resources/6th Form/Creative Media/Units/Units outlines).
    2. Regularly access their individual unit tracking records to ensure that they are aware of the progress they have made as well as their targets for further achievement. File path: Resources/6th Form/Creative Media/Assessment
    3. Take deadlines very seriously
  3. Students are encouraged to seek industry experience where possible.