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Vocational Certificate in Business and Enterprise

Vocational Certificate in Business and Enterprise

Year 10 VCert Overview

This is a level 2 course and the exam board is NCFE.

During Year 10, all students will study Unit 1; Introduction to Business and Enterprise Unit 2; Marketing for business and enterprise

Unit 1

  • This unit aims to give learners an introduction to business and enterprise. It gives learners an introduction to start up projects and helps them to identify risks and rewards.

Unit 2

This unit aims to give learners an insight into market research, and different marketing opportunities and techniques.

Year 11 Vcert Overview

During Year 11, students will complete coursework in Unit 3; Finance for business and enterprise and Unit 4; Plan, develop and participate in a business or enterprise project

Unit 3

  • This unit aims to provide learners with a basic knowledge and understanding of business finance for a new business or enterprise.

    Unit 4

This unit aims to develop a project plan and implement the project. The learner will then go on to evaluate the overall success of the project.

Students will undertake one external examination which is taken in the year of certification (Year 11). This will be based on Unit 2; Marketing for business. There are two opportunities for the pupils to sit this exam; November and March each year.