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Textiles KS4

Textiles KS4

GCSE Textiles (Art) Key Stage 4

In Years 10 and 11 students follow the WJEC Textiles Design course. The GCSE course is very practical and exciting; enabling the students to build up a portfolio of work using and extending their creative talents. 

Coursework = 60% of GCSE

We begin in year 10 by experimenting with a wide variety of Textiles techniques. The students find this engaging and inspiring as they learn new skills in order to become informed and knowledgeable Textiles designers. In term 2, with this wealth of inspiration, we move forward into the GCSE coursework topic ‘Cultures’. Students love this theme as they have the flexibility to study a culture of their choice. We also support their coursework journey by taking the students to the World Museum in Liverpool which enables them to gain lots of primary research which is essential content as stated within the assessment criteria.  The coursework is worth 60% of their overall GCSE grade which is fabulous as every single student can get a good grade as long as they are using the lesson time efficiently.  The coursework is developed into design ideas and ultimately final pieces. These can be in a variety of forms: Cushions/wall hangings/fashion pieces/bags/jewellery/masks. Again, the students have the flexibility to choose what they make and they can each play to their individual strengths.

Exam = 40% of GCSE

In year 11, when the students return from the Christmas break they are given their exam question options. This is worth 40% of their overall GCSE grade and they have from their first lesson in January up until March/April (exam date dependent) to prepare for their 2 day Textiles (Art) exam. Exams for all art subjects take place just before and after the Easter holiday. 

The key assessment criteria are shown on the KS4 Art page.

Textiles (Art) GCSE students are encouraged to attend extra-curricular clubs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings 3.30pm – 4.30pm. Staff give up their own time to give extra support to the students who either need it or want it.