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Student Leaders


       Jack Birch

To be put forward as a head student is a great privilege for me as this school has done so much for me both academically and socially. I’ve made so many new friends and learnt so many new things throughout my time at Altrincham College and now I feel that I can repay this in my new role. I would like to say a ‘thank you’ to all the teachers who got me where I am today and for giving me the skills and confidence I need for the future!

      Charlene                    Hand


I'd just like to say a huge thank you for this opportunity, and the chance to be able to give back to this school community which has given me so much over the years. I'd also like to wish all the pupils an amazing year, go and take the opportunities offered to you here and believe in yourself, you are all going to do great things!! 


         Heidi                      Kavanagh

I am excited to be given the opportunity as Head Student to be a voice for the student body and help try to make any positive changes that you would like. To be able to give back to the school and support students, making a contribution, is such a privilege; I am so grateful this gives me a chance to give back to the school. Always feel you can approach me in school with any ideas or for support. Altrincham College is a place where everyone can achieve and thrive, and I would love to sustain this positive environment.

   Madeline                 Richardson

This school has had a loving and caring environment since my first day in year 7. Altrincham College makes you feel like part of a family. The staff are amazing and are always ready to help you, and the memories you make with friends will last your whole life. I'm incredibly thankful for being given the chance to give back to the school that has done so much for me. I’m looking forward to taking up this role and help the school and the pupils achieve their goals. I’m excited for the new pupils starting at the school, after the person it has made me today. To know, To care, To live sums up this school perfectly.