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Revision Resources

End of Year Exam Revision Resources

Child Development Revision Resources

Year 10

Which topics do I need to revise?

Which resources can I use to help me?

  • Expected pattern of development
  • Influences that affect child development
  • Care routines of under 5’s
  • Transitions that affect children
  • Observations and assessments
  • Remote access to resources in a particular folder on the school network
  • Classwork/ notes
  • PowerPoints for each lesson
  • Past quizzes for individual topics
  • Revision booklet (on resource area; dept; child dev; CACHE)
  • Glossaries booklets for each topic
  • YouTube links as listed in PowerPoints
  • Gojimo app for child development
  • Get revising flash cards
  • Reward for child development
  • Revision Guides (CGP, Collins,