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Key Stage 5

History in the Sixth Form

Key Stage 5 Overview

In A-Level History, we study ‚Äčthe OCR (A) Syllabus, as we feel it offers students an engaging and interesting experience whilst giving a real breadth of knowledge to complement the skills of communication, analysis, research and independent study that are required to succeed in higher education and the world of work.

A Level Course Outline

AS: The course is taught in Year One. Students study the Mid-Tudor Crisis and The USA in the 19th Century.

A2: In the second year students study Popular Culture and the Witch Craze of the 16th and 17th Centuries and for the final unit students choose their own significant event in history and produce a Personal Study.


Pupils following the AS route will be assessed by two exams at the end of Year One. Pupils following the A Level route will be assessed by three exams and a Personal Study at the end of Year Two.


Whilst we ask for a Grade B (5/6 under the new grading system) or above in History, it is not necessary to have studied GCSE History to study the course at A level. We ask for a Grade B (5/6) in GCSE English. You do need to be enthusiastic and have an enquiring mind.


History is a subject that universities hold in high regard. This subject has been defined by the prestigious Russell Group of Universities as a ‘facilitating subject’, because it opens more doors for you and is better respected. Equally, employers rate the skills of a historian very highly and history students find employment in a wide range of jobs including, Journalism and the Media, Law, Public
Relations and Research - the list is endless.